Friday, August 5, 2016

Day 2486 - Those Hazy Days of Uni ...

Thank goodness there was no You Tube back then.

It's been over 25 years since I was at uni.  I lived on university residences for two out of the three years of my first degree.  Let's just say it resembled Big Brother but without the big cash prize at the end.  Perhaps that's why I refused to watch Big Brother.  It was probably a little too close to home.

We used to party a lot at uni.   For my first degree I recall my mantra being "more than a pass is a waste". Anything higher than a pass meant I wasn't partying hard enough.

I got more focussed with the Grad Dip and strived to be the best I could be.  But for the BA, my life was more about being social than anything else.

Thank goodness there was no social media.

I can't imagine what it would be like for me to have my social antics captured on film in a land of forever. The drunken nights, the table dancing. the hiding a bladder of wine in a bush so I didn't have to pay bar prices, the using the men's toilets because the lady's line was too long.  The men didn't seem to mind by the way, except for when I'd use the mirror to reapply my lipstick while they all stood at the urinal next to me.  #stagefright

That's just the tame stuff I don't mind admitting to.  There's plenty I'd prefer to forget and would never document here. That can wait for my autobiography when I'm too old to care about the ghosts in my closet.

University could definitely be best described as the best years and worst years of my life.  I learned a lot and only about 10% of my life learnings can be attributed to the classes I attended.

Last night I picked my sixteen year old daughter up from the university refectory after she and her friends went to an all-ages concert.  The same university refectory where I would partake in the activities outlined above.  I warned her of all the possibilities and how to keep herself safe.

I needn't have worried of course.  She's far more responsible than I was.  According to her social media stream.

Which got me to thinking, would my university life have been more "controlled" if You Tube DID exist?  Perhaps the threat of our lack of social decorum being captured on the internet may have made us more accountable for our actions.

It's bad enough when you replay something you regret over and over in your mind for your own viewing, let alone having a million other people replaying it too.

Having our actions replayed back to us might just have been the tonic we needed to make wiser choices.

I often thank God there was no You Tube back then.

But then I wonder if perhaps it would have been better if there was? 


  1. Oh I am so with you on this. I regularly give thanks that there was no Facebook, YouTube, camera phones or the like when I was young to capture my foolishness or broadcast the passive aggressive status updates of an angsty teen!

  2. I don't think the presence of YouTube, Facebook etc would have made a difference to me in my younger uni days. It's only when you become older that you realise the implications of having such wild footage forever on these channels. At the time I would have probably thought it funny to record what we were doing! Thank goodness my uni days were also prior to the days of social media!

  3. I'm so grateful that we had no Facebook or social media when I was a teenager! To say I was a bit geeky is an understatement :)

  4. Oh yeah, so glad social media wasn't a thing back then. Not sure if it would have tamed things, it sure hasn't for many young people today.

  5. Oh god, I am so glad it wasn't a thing when I was a kid. The underage drinking, dramatic friendships, assorted relationship dramas and yes, much more I won't mention here!

  6. Interesting. I am glad to be the age where I'm probably one of the last to grow up without social media.

  7. I share that benefit of being older too, pre-Internet and free to forget some of those unmentionable antics (what antics!).

  8. I hadn't given it much thought, actually. But come to think of it, yes. There's definitely events that I'm glad were never documented...ahem..


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