Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day 2487 - Collaborate don't Compete

It's all about the collaboration ...
Something I'm big on is collaboration.  I don't like conflict in any area of my life and I particularly don't like to feel like I'm in conflict from a business point of view.  Besides, there's so much we can learn and so many networks we can create when we work with other people. Which is why I'm big on collaborating with like-minded businesses not only for harmony, but also for synergy and leverage.

I was delighted recently when a brand new business contacted me asking if they could include the Cheer Chick Charlie books in their gift boxes.

Of course I don't just collaborate with anybody. I firstly have to ensure our businesses complement each other, that we are working with the same expectations and that we have similar values.

The expectations and values are important.

Conflict occurs when expectations fail to meet.  Conflict also occurs when values fail to meet.  So yeah, collaborations only work if you ensure you're very much on the same page.

Cheer Princess is a new business created by two cheer mums who want to bring sparkle to little girl's lives.  They hope to encourage children to look after themselves and to feel beautiful from the inside out.

Cheer Chick Charlie of course is all about helping kids believe in themselves so when they asked if they could include the Charlie books in their vision, I set up a Skype conference immediately to nut it all out.

We discovered we were in alignment.  Similar values, similar mission, similar audience, similar expectations.

Today is the day that Cheer Chick Charlie and Cheer Princess declare their collaboration with the world.

Right this minute the Cheer Chick Charlie books, wristbands and postcards are on display with the Cheer Princess merchandise at the first CheerCon cheerleading competition of the season.  Soon the books will become part of the monthly Cheer Princess subscription boxes being delivered to little girls across Australia (and possibly the world) to help them shine.

Why compete when we can collaborate?

A match made in business heaven!

Are there areas in your life where you could collaborate for mutual benefit?

What are your views on collaboration?

What collaborations have you had?


  1. Sounds like a perfect cheery match! :D Love a good collaboration.

  2. What a great idea and a perfect collaboration Leanne. I'm with you, I'd much rather work with others and collaborate than compete.

  3. What a great collaboration! :) And a great message for children!

  4. I sure do like the sound of collaborating. #PoCoLo

  5. How exciting! Such a perfect fit as well!

    SSG xxx

  6. Collaborating is way more rewarding than competing. I've done blog collaborations and found them really fun.

  7. Sounds like a real win/win for both of you - and your target market!

  8. We love Cheer Chick Charlie, our children grew up with her and it made perfect sense that we work together to bring sparkle and happiness to girls everywhere! Looking forward to an exciting adventure together ������CPx

  9. A great collaboration! I think you're right too, it's always better to collaborate than to compete. :)
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo


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