Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 2491 - A boy and his dogs ...

What is it with boys and their dogs?

These are not actually his dogs.  They are his big grown up sister's dogs, but we're fostering them for a while.  Or forever.  Or something. 

It's not easy having three dogs.  There's the back yard that is now patchy, there's the trampoline netting that got ripped up by chewy trampolining pets, there's the muddy paw prints all over the back deck, there's chicken wire around our gardens, there's the outdoor lighting that got demolished, there's the poo, there's the barricades up around the house keeping them contained to one area when they're inside, there's the constant need to feed and walk them .... 

Then there's a boy that races home from school to spend time with them.  

Sometimes that's enough.  


  1. That is adorable! My kids love their pet as well, but we have a cat.

  2. My girls all want a dog. I'm pretty sure the cat that adopted us would move out if we did. Now that I've warmed to the cat, I actually wouldn't mind another one to keep him company. He might not be so keen though.

  3. I would have been lost without a dog growing up, it's like having a friend to play with when there was noone else around :( Even as an adult I don't feel scared or lonely when I'm home alone when my dog is by my side :)

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  5. You dont have to be a yoga guru or state of mind scientist to know that when you are living in the moment, but you and your dog are fully engaged and having the best time.
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