Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 2497 - The Crying Room

Did you know there is actually such a thing as the Heartbreak Hotel?

Back in July I chatted about why crying is good for us.  It turns out it is so good for us that in Japan they have created hotels or clubs where people can get access to a "crying room".

I was reading the wellbeing section of an old Yours Magazine recently and discovered the whole concept of the Heartbreak Hotel.

In some cultures it is very difficult to show emotion so some countries are opening crying clubs and hotels to provide a safe space for those people who find it difficult to show their emotions.

After more research I read about a place in Japan where guests can check in to "crying rooms" that come complete with tissues, warm eye masks, make-up remover and a selection of this-will-definitely-make-you-cry movies.  The English movies on offer include Forrest Gump, The Intouchables, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Notebook, One Day and What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

Interestingly enough they also provide a selection of manga comics recommended by a book seller to make women cry.  Really? Emotional comic books?

So, for those who are needing a crying room and willing to jet off to Japan to find it, here are the deets:

How much does it cost to go and have a good cry?  About $85 US dollars per person.

Where can we do it?  At the Mitsui Garden Hotel Yotsuya in Tokyo.

Why would you do it?  According to a spokesperson from the hotel it's because "ladies in their 20s-40s are often said to live a life of stress".

How long are they offering it for?  It seems it's not a forever thing. They were trialing it to see if it took off.  So before you board your flight, give the hotel a call to ensure it's still on offer.

Would you pay to find a space to cry?

How many of their tear-jerker movies have you seen?

Ever read an emotional comic book? 

Do you think men should have the option to have a good cry too?

Information sources:  Yours Magazine, 31 March 2016; Time.com; Telegraph.co.uk; SBS.com.au; 

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  1. I have my own crying room - it is my pantry, where I hide from my children, often with wine.

  2. Chinese Action Movies usually have a scene in it designed purely to make you cry (at least a lot of the ones I watch) and I suspect it's for the cathartic effect, as it's usually in the middle or start, rather than at the end....I don't think I'd do the hotel tho...

  3. I have a house where I live.... I'd just cry there, or wherever the impulse struck! I have a job that is reactive and in our down time, we often watch movies. I watched The Fault in Our Stars at work and OMG, that was a great look! But hey, if people feel better paying for a room, more power to them!

  4. Haha - that's hilarious and as much as I would love a trip to Japan I would not pay to stay at a crying room. I have my own crying room and it goes wherever I go. I cry at the drop of a hat! I cry watching the news - I don't even need a tear jerking movie. :-)

  5. I have my own cry room, it's called the living room and it even has a sofa in it too! My eyes are always leaking but if I really want to give my tear ducts a thorough workout I watch The Fault in Our Stars or if I want retro tears, Terms of Endearment always goes down a treat too. I wouldn't pay to cry when I can do so for free, but if you didn't have your own crying room, I guess paying for it would be the only option!

  6. I wouldn't pay for a crying room- my bathroom is free:) And all I need is an ad about the Olympics or Qantas and the tears will roll out... I don't know whether that means I'm super emotional or just really efficient!

  7. Ha...like many who have commented already, the crying room is usually wherever I am! I have cried more in the past 2 years in my life's transition to retirement that I would like to have a day where I don't cry. Mine is sadness and grief related for what has passed and can be no more. However, i also know that cathartic point of crying so I think it's best out than in!!

  8. This is good, but also a little creepy....a crying room you pay for....really? I am not even go to think what state that suggest humanity has fallen to :(

  9. Oh this is so weird. But I guess a necessary thing right? I'm such a crier. I get emotional when someone wins family feud! Cue the tears!! Saddest movies for me are always Beaches and The Lion King. Oh and Marley and Me. I just can't.

  10. This is such a strange idea. I don't think I'd be able to cry there. I would just bottle it all up even more. My favourite crying spot is in the shower where I can get down on the floor all dramatic like and no one can hear me lol.

  11. Unusual idea but whatever works for them.
    I have 1000 acre crying room or the shower was my previous choice.

  12. Wow. Never heard of this. I cry anywhere usually. It's always better to get it out than keep it in. When I'd cry during my apprenticeship, I'd always pull my welding goggles over my eyes. I definitely zone myself out when I cry.

  13. I'd take the hotel on my own to cry or otherwise. I'm a pretty good at letting it out but I can see how Japanese culture is more restrained in terms of emotions. I'm with Renee, the shower is a great place to wash away the grief with the tears.


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