Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 2498 - Wordless Wednesday - Cakes

Today I give you cake.

These are not cakes that I have baked.   They are the cakes of a community who have come together to raise money for Cerebral Palsy Alliance and Ronald McDonald House Canberra.

They are cheerific cakes baked for the ACT Regional Cheerleading Competition last weekend.

Of course I had to have one.  Or maybe two ...

This cake stall raised $1399 for our chosen charities and had to close shop midway through the afternoon because they'd sold out.

Nothing beats a community cake stall! 

When was the last time you bought a cake from a cake stall?

Perhaps you're one of these fabulous people who do the baking?

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Have you entered the Monster Jam comp yet?

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  1. Fantastic result ... and gee they look yummy! I am the purchaser more often than the baker! :-)

  2. I am always happy to purchase! Especially from country cake stalls with old school nut loaf and sponges made with duck eggs so they're super yellow.

  3. Awesome fundraising effort!
    Community markets are few and far between at the moment around here. The last one in April I think, and I baked for the kindy stall :)

  4. What an amazing fundraising effort! My facebook memories came up with a cupcake stall in this past week where a few floors of a building I worked on a few years back raised a chunk. It was great. Though I didn't do well as I don't decorate, I just made weird flavours and freaked people out. But that's me...

  5. Fabulous cake, and more cake ...I'm baking banana cake tonight maybe for daffodil day stall (volunteers snacks) tomorrow.
    Thank you for linking up.


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