Saturday, August 20, 2016

Day 2501 - The ONLY six nail polish colours you'll need in your bathroom cabinet

Not sure what colour nail polish to invest in?

Here are the ONLY nail polish colours I've needed for the past five years.

I have been getting acrylic overlaid on my natural nails for almost 20 years.  I get them done by a nail technician in her home in a very natural and very "non acrylic" looking way.

The nail polish lasts me for the entire three weeks between visits and I take in my own colours so that I can touch up between visits if I need to (which is very rare).

My toes always match my finger nails. Always.  Even when I go to another nail manicurist and get a professional pedicure (which again is rare), I make sure that the salon can match my toes perfectly to my fingers or it's NO DEAL!!

I always choose my polish to go with ANYTHING that I might choose to wear during the three weeks between visits.  So the nail polishes I buy have to be in colours that won't clash.

Here are the only 6 nail polish colours I own ...

I have darker solid colours for winter and the softer colours for summer

A nude for summer, a gold to add some pizzazz, a light grey for a gentle touch of silver, a gun metal grey to be fierce in winter, a watermelon tone that actually works with red, orange or pink, and of course a red to add that bit of POP.
By far my favourite colour is Kook-A-Mango because it not only adds fresh and fun colour, but the tones in it a perfect for any outfit, even if you like to wear orange, pink or red.  It covers them all!
This is my go-to colour when I go on resort holidays, am going through a very colourful and patterned wardrobe phase or if I need to add some sunshine to my days.

What are your favourite nail colours?

Is there a must have colour that you prefer?

Which of these 6 polishes are you most attracted to? 

Do your fingers and toes match? 


  1. Only 6 would kill me. My current favourite is Kester Black for O&M in Hydrate & Conquer. A rich burgundy.

  2. My girls have about 30 each. I only have two.

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