Monday, August 22, 2016

Day 2503 - Why is book week so important?

Happy Book Week!

One of the most amazing feelings as an author is to see children dress as one of your characters for Book Week.

I was actually quite blindsided the first time I received a fan photo of a child dressed up as Cheer Chick Charlie.  The books had only been launched two months prior and I had no idea that kids actually knew Charlie existed.  Receiving that fan photo via social media was like winning the lottery.

Every year I now get a bunch of pictures from fans dressed as Charlie.  I don't know how many Charlie's there actually are out there but I am extremely appreciative of those parents who take the time to send the pictures in.

Here is just a small selection of the more recent photos sent in last year
All photos are published on Cheer Chick Charlie social media with permission from parents.

Back in May/June I launched a new series via eBook called "Flippin' Out" starring Stunt Boy Ben.  I would love to see Ben turn up in my Book Week feed this year.  Although I think it's probably a little early for that.

This week is Book Week and today I am speaking to a Year 6 class about how to get inspiration for story writing.

I'm excited to have been invited into a school to chat about the wonder and magic of story telling.

It got me to thinking about why Book Week is so important.  

  1. It helps children to focus on the importance of reading and encourages them to continue despite their challenges
  2. It celebrates books in all forms: eBooks, paper books and audio
  3. It celebrates local authors
  4. It recognises the work of authors whether they be established or emerging
  5. It recognises the work of illustrators and celebrates their unique creativity.
  6. It celebrates local book shops and encourages us to walk inside a real life book store
  7. It recognises the importance of libraries and the need for all people to have access to free good quality reading material
  8. It encourages children to immerse themselves in fictional characters which helps keep their sense of wonder, innovation and creativity alive
  9. Curriculum for that week often focusses on the publishing process, the art of writing and how to create good stories
  10. It encourages children to enjoy new authors and books and helps embed a lifelong love for reading.

What do you love about Book Week?

Does your school celebrate?

What children's book characters have you seen at a Book Week parade?

The Children's Book Council of Australia encourages the celebration of children's books each year.  Book Week 2016 runs from 20 August through to 26 August.   

PS I won the best Book Week parade when I was about 11 years old.  I was dressed as Old Mother Hubbard I think?  Or perhaps that was the year I went as Olive Oyl from Popeye?  I'm not sure you'd see either of those characters at a Book Week these days!

PPS If you'd like some FREE Book Week printables I've got a few over at Cheer Chick Charlie.  Click here to get your free downloads.


  1. I love who the kids come up with as ideas - some are so clever...

  2. I love the photos of your reader fans!!! Thanks for this post, Leanne. Hitting up the shops this Tuesday to find a book costume for preschool.

    SSG xxx

  3. I love thinking up costumes and dressing Mr 7 up as a character that isn't the norm. This year he is going as a drop bear and I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  4. I love that book week encourages kids to read. I love that our school celebrates within the school and don't do book week dressups lol

    1. Well I put it out there and guess what my girls came home from school this afternoon and announced they have dress ups on Friday! Here is hoping I can convince one of them to dress up as Cheer Chick Charlie (given one is Charlotte) I am hoping!

  5. That must be so awesome seeing them dress up as your character, book week rocks!

  6. Book Week was always one of my favourite parts of the school year as a teacher. I loved making BOOKS and reading the highlight for at least that one week! Congrats on your ventures into schools too, I know how much schools love hearing what authors have to say! Very inspiring post Leanne!

  7. Although I remember my kids dressing up for various occasions particularly in primary school, I really don't remember Book Week so maybe it wasn't a thing in Qld until recent times (my kids are now 22 and 19). Must be such a buzz to see kids dressing up as the character from your books!!!!

  8. Book Week is AWESOME!!! :)
    And can I just say that I love the photos of your fans Leanne!!
    At my childrens' school, we celebrate "Literacy Day" as opposed to "Book Week" but the kids still dress up as their favourite book characters. We don't do it until the last week of term 3 though, so we are always behind!
    I really enjoy going to the school to see the parade!

  9. Our book week celebrations were earlier in August and with my preoccupation with Matilda's broken arm we didn't get the chance to really celebrate it the way I would have liked. It also didn't help that I couldn't make the kids' parade either - but there's always next year. I absolutely love the Cheer Chick Charlie costumes - wow that must make you beam with pride!!!!

  10. Oh wow I can only imagine what a feeling it is to see kids dressed as something you created.


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