Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 2506 - Melbourne Zoo

We're wagging school and hangin' at the zoo ...

Sometimes we just say "stuff it" and let the kids wag school to hang with us on our work trips.  Not often mind you, but from time to time.  Why should they miss out on the fun?

So when the hubster had to head to Melbourne we scrounged up some frequent flyer points and joined him.

We're obviously not interested in attending his meetings (nor invited for that matter) so we decided to hang out with a few exotic species at Melbourne Zoo instead.

Melbourne Zoo is beautifully laid out with what seems to be a never ending system of pathways leading us to animal enclosures from lemurs to seals, meerkats to elephants, orangutans to tigers and everything in between.

What I loved about the zoo was the abundance of greenery and carefully manicured gardens along the paths. I also enjoyed seeing the themed eating areas in keeping with the place of origin of the nearby animals.

There's definitely plenty of love around the place and I doubt the animals are suffering at all.  There were plenty of staff on hand as well as zoo volunteers to help visitors get the information they needed for a great day.

There were also quite a few eateries with decent food on offer. I am used to only getting hot chips and nuggets at family parks, but Melbourne Zoo had plenty of sandwiches, noodle dishes and even a super salad on offer that meant we could steer clear of the deep fried junk.

The highlight of our day (well, not really a highlight ... but a story worth telling) is when I was "punched" by a gorilla.

We were watching a gorilla through the glass as she sat in the gorilla feeding house.  She was actually up on the windowsill leaning against the window in a profile position.

I went up to talk to her of course to see if I could get some interaction.  She didn't seem particularly happy.

There were a bunch of photos on the outside of the wall of gorillas and their names so I guessed that this one might be Kimya.  Kimya sounds extremely close to Kimye so of course I gave the gorilla a Kim Kardashian West reference and proceeded to do kissy face.

As I pressed my face next to the window she jumped up and back handed the glass with such force that I was thrown backwards, losing my sunglasses in the process.  I'm not sure the window actually moved at all, but the shock of her lunging at me with such aggression threw me off my feet.  Apparently she doesn't like being called Kim Kardashian West.

Of course my kids were on the ground laughing hysterically until they cried.  I too was on the ground crying but my tears were more shock than anything else.

So let me just apologise publicly to Kimya for offending her and can I suggest that if anyone is visiting Melbourne Zoo anytime soon you might like to give the animals some respectable distance.

Melbourne Zoo is open from 9am to 5pm every day of the year.  For ticket prices and advice on how to get there, check their website.

Have you visited Melbourne Zoo?

Ever been punched by a gorilla?

What animal encounters have you had?

Do you ever let your kids wag school?

Apologies for the lack of cute animal photos.  I got side tracked by my gorilla encounter then my phone went flat.  I'm such a bad blogger ...


  1. Oh god, I'd be scared too! Lesson learned, eh?

  2. Oh I love that you've wagged school with the kids, I reckon that's one of the best lessons they can get, time with you. Enjoy x

  3. I'm sorry, I had to laugh at that too Leanne - who knew gorillas would be offended by a Kimye reference??? Enjoy Melbourne and all it has to offer - I love that city!

  4. Well then...that was a shock to you for sure! Hope the time-out was fun for all!

  5. Kimya, Kimye…same, same…NOT! Even gorillas get offended! Haha! I love Melbourne. Can't wait to take the boys to the zoo. I'll make sure to make a special visit to Kimya and apologise on your behalf :)


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