Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 2510 - My pain threshold

It's a pain to be in pain.

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Pain changes things.  It's tough to be in good spirits when you're hurting.

I know my blog is about ageing positively and it's usually all sunshine and roses, but behind every smile there's a whole world of other stuff going on.

Now,  before I get into this post I just want to say I'm OK.  I'm not in the dumps nor am I at the end of my tether.  Not quite yet.

I'm just in pain.

It radiates up and down my back, along my spine, out into my arms, right down to my fingers, across my shoulders, up into my neck and if it's a bad week it will transfer to my head and I'll be down for the count with migraine.

It's nothing new.  Well, it's newish in the scheme of life I suppose. I've written about my fibromyalgia pain before.  It's just getting more constant and a little harder to manage.

I've never taken painkillers to manage the body pain before, but now I am.  Usually the pain killers only come out when the migraine hits, but Nurofen is getting a run on a daily basis right now.

That right there is not good.

That right there means a trip to the doctor to work out how I am going to manage this bloody thing.

I understand chronic pain.  I got my first migraine when I was in single digits and have battled them my whole life.  There was a point where my migraines would last three or for weeks. I was living on prescription drugs and was at the end of my tether but I managed to get control of it 15 years ago through diet, mindset and lifestyle changes.

Chronic pain changes the way you function.  You become less tolerant, easily fatigued, less inclined to want to venture outside, less talkative, more withdrawn and there's a constant resting bitch face.

It sucks that chronic pain has returned to my life.  It may be in a different form but it's still pain.

Perhaps it's just my cross to bear.

I will get on top of it again. That I am sure.  I will not let this beat me.  I will not stop smiling.

This post is just a reminder that behind every smile there's a whole world of other stuff going on. Everybody has their challenges, you just don't always see them.

Smiling helps.

As we approach September and R U OK day, let's start smiling at people and asking the question early.

Your smile could change somebody's day.



  1. Nice reminder on R U OK? I'm beginning to think there's not enough of that, with our rates of youth suicide. We're missing something. As for pain, it's amazing how pack pain can distort everything (how you feel about everything) when it's so bad....hope you're ok today!

  2. I didn't know you had fibromyalgia Leanne :( I don't know much about it, but I can understand that it would definitely bring you down at times and affect your mindset. Today, I am ok, thank you for asking. I hope you will be too xxx

  3. "Chronic pain changes the way you function. You become less tolerant, easily fatigued, less inclined to want to venture outside, less talkative, more withdrawn and there's a constant resting bitch face.'

    YES YES YES... that sums it up perfectly for chronic pain. Heading into my second week of hibernation mode, although honestly I've hardly left the house much since the Sydney trip and that was at the end of April.

    Hoping we can both put our resting bitch faces to bed soon. ;)

  4. Sorry to hear about your struggles. That must be so hard. The last year has been a struggle for me as I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and went through surgery and treatment. Consequently I'm now menopausal and my moods are all over the place. Plus I've been dealing with dizziness and nausea in the last month. So a blood test tomorrow and back to the doctor. The short answer is no, I'm not as OK as I'd like to be, but I'm not giving up. Sigh. Hope you sort out how to manage your chronic pain xo

  5. Sorry to hear and hoping your pain management improves along with your health soon.

  6. I am sorry to hear your not well. We don't realise how important our health is until we are unwell and feeling shitty :( I hope it becomes manageable for you xx

  7. It's a common thing this pain issue and yet there is so little really known about the effect of medication over time other than it doesnt continue to be effective. I am sorry this is so distressing for you and am glad you are talking about it. My hub was on a raft of the 'bad' drugs for decades thanks to doctors having no real ideas for pain relief and it was only when my hub got sick of being sleepy and not in control that he and his new(er) GP got him off most of the pain meds and back into his life. It was something that he chose to do. I too had issues with taking meds which did not make my insides happy and since then I now only take a panadol and a panadol osteo daily. I admit I no longer get menstrual migraines as they were debilitating and disappeared after my hysterectomy. Pain management is personal and I do not judge anyone.Ever. It is really hard to manage yourself and what else you want to do accompanied by pain. I hope today has been better. Denyse x

  8. Leanne you seem like such a happy, busy person from your blog, it's hard to believe that you are living with constant pain. Clearly you are doing something right! I have a few aches and niggles - menstrual migraines and bursitis in my shoulder - so I am well acquainted with ibuprofen, but luckily nothing major x

  9. I hope you can get on top of the pain Leanne. And yes, smiling does help x


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