Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day 2513 - The Gap Between Knowing and Doing

How big is the gap between you and your goals?

We all have goals.  We may not call them goals, but we all have them. Whether it's a goal to get to the supermarket to buy the groceries, or a goal to write the next best selling novel.

Some are easily achievable.  Others seem too difficult to even comprehend.

For many people there is quite an abyss between what they know they want to achieve and actually doing something about it.  So how do we build a bridge over that abyss?

The first thing we need to determine when we are setting out to achieve something big is our WHY.  The WHY you want to achieve something is one of the most important elements of success.

Success is fuelled by a want for positive results and knowing what you need to do and what needs to be sacrificed in order to get the desired outcome.  Success is also fuelled by understanding WHY we want those results.

We know WHY we need to buy groceries. Without groceries we will go hungry.  Without groceries our family life will suffer and the people in our sphere will become increasingly unhappy and unwell.  So to get a positive result we sacrifice our time and our money to ensure our cupboards are stocked.

When it comes to the bigger stuff the WHY we want to achieve the result is equally important.  To write the next best selling novel it's not enough to say you want to do it because it's always been a dream.  It's not enough to say it's because you love to write.  You've really got to dig deep to find your WHY in these situations.  WHY has it been a dream?  WHY do you love to write? WHY do you want your novel to be read?

When the WHY is big enough, the HOW tends to take care of itself.

Really big WHY's bring bridge building tools with them to close the gap between knowing and doing.

Here are my tips on how to bridge the gap between knowing what you're aiming for and actually doing something about it:

  1. Figure out WHY you want to achieve a result.  By really looking at the reasons why we want to make changes in our life we can make a better case for actually creating the new habits required for success. 
  2. Get out of your comfort zone.  You know the drill - if we keep doing what we've always done, we'll keep getting what we've always got.  To achieve results in a new areas we have to push fear to the side, get out of the rut and take action.  There is no success without action and action often means change.
  3. Plan around your excuses.  We all have them.  We've all got "reasons" why we can't move forward with our goals.  Time, money, parenthood, other priorities ...  We need to anticipate these reasons up front, write them down and really analyse them.  Are they reasons or are they excuses?  If someone else was to give us the same "reason" would we think they were legitimate?  We need to find ways to work around our own excuses.
  4. Share your goals.  The moment we express our desire to achieve certain results out loud we are sharing our commitment and cementing the intention.  Whether it be written in a journal, shared with a family member or written on a blog. once we share it we are encouraging ourselves to move forward.  
  5. Just do it!  There is no point in waiting for the perfect time or for all our ducks to be in a row.  My biggest tip in achieving results is simply to take a dose of Nike and Just Do It! Just like buying a home or having a baby.  If we waited until everything was perfect in our lives we would probably never do either of those things.  Today is the day.  

So today I challenge you. 

I challenge you to build a bridge between knowing what you have to do and actually doing it.

What is your why?

Where do you deserve better?

What are your excuses?

How will you find the opportunities?

How will you share your intention?

When will you start?

This exercise is something I share with my clients and has been formulated via a number of sources. For more information or to book a session you can contact me via my website 


  1. A nice reminder to us all to strive for our goals and never give up! Thanks for sharing,


  2. Never giving up and just doing it. These are my two things to remember!

  3. Whenever I share goals (especially weight loss goals ), I still fail and then have the (imagined) public humiliation of failing. So I also think it's important to remind yourself that no one remembers or dwells on your perceived 'failures' as much as we think they do.

  4. My Bridge is like the one over the River's all there but when it comes to the 'just do it' part, William Holden blows it up...or something like that. ;)

  5. Oh I really need to take heed of this Leanne. The WHY is a great point to start. I think about my thoughts "I want to write a novel." And then I think about the why and it's more about my love of writing than my 'need' to share a story.

  6. Thanks for this, Leanne. I've set myself some goals but this time around I want to focus on the journey. It's a lot more fun this way and it's nice to not take myself so seriously in trying to reach my goal.


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