Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Day 2518 - Friendship

Picking up where we left off ...

On Fathers Day it was the first time my husband's family has ALL been together for a very long time. We do get together as much as we can, but because the big grown up daughter has been living interstate (and battling illness) for such a long time, she and the grandbub aren't usually around to participate in our family gatherings.

Well, this year is different.  This year we finally have her home permanently which means she gets to hang out at our momentous* family events.

The grandbub and her second cousin are around 6 weeks apart in age.  They make the perfect play mates.

The thing is, with the grandbub not having lived near us, they have only seen each other about eight times in their lives, of which five of those were before they could walk or talk.

So it simply amazes me that they can get excited about seeing each other and pick up exactly where they left off nine months ago!

At the age of three, don't you find that extraordinary?

I love friendships like that.  The ones where you don't see each other in forever but when you do you don't have to start again.  You just pick up right where you left off.

With my friends scattered around Australia and the world, the majority of my friendships count on this.

Do you have friendships like this?

Are you able to pick up where you left off?

What are your tips for nurturing far away friendships?

*Hey, they are momentous in our minds! 


  1. I do have friends like this. All over. I love those catch ups so much.

  2. Those are the very best kinds of relationships!

  3. Yes I have lots like that, and I treasure them! Actually most of my friendships are pick up where you left off type ones, as I have moved around a bit.

  4. My boys are like this with their cousins who are around the same age (4 & 6).

  5. Thankfully I do have friends like this. Every time I see them it fills me with happiness. I can't imagine life without them! #teamIBOT

  6. I just moved back to Sydney {after living in Canberra for 10 years} and picked up a friendship with an old school friend, like we just hung out last week. It was the best feeling.

  7. I'm like that with my school friends (and my close friends from Uni who are still my besties). I lived in the same small-ish town until I was 17 and went to Uni so spent a LOOONG time with my school friends. We don't see each other often now but it feels like no time has passed when we meet up.

  8. So glad your big grown up daughter is back with you! So many more precious moments waiting to be created.

    SSG xxx

  9. I have friends like this but I always marvel at the ability of kids to be firm friends in moments, even when they haven't seen in each other in ages.

  10. My bestie and I are like this. Although we don't see each other all the time, we can pick up where we left off every time. The best friendships are like that.


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