Thursday, September 8, 2016

Day 2520 - SkinXL Volumizing Lip Plumper - Product Review

Could your lips do with some plumping?

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The teen and I were excited when the PR people sent us both a Skin XL Volumizing Lip Plumper each to trial.

In the current world of reality TV where bigger butts, boobs, hair and lips are all celebrated, we figured our lips could do with a little extra help to keep up with the .... (fill in the blank).

Apparently plastic surgeons rate "fuller lips" as one of their most frequently requested enhancements. They say it's because lips are such a focal point during interaction with others.  As soon as someone begins to speak our eyes are drawn to their mouth.

The good news is we don't have to visit a surgeon to get fuller lips these days.  There are beauty brands that are working hard to create products that give us temporary fuller lips by increasing the blood flow to the mouth.

Skin XL uses Hyaluronic Spheres to draw moisture from the air to puff out the lips and give them a fuller appearance. Apparently these spheres can also be used for filling out wrinkles.   For more information about the science behind hyaluronic spheres check out the You Tube video here.

The teen and the big grown up daughter used the product first and there was much excitement as they watched each others lips react to the gloss.  They both experienced a tingling sensation and the teen found there was some irritation redness outlining her lips as the product reacted with her skin.   She has since used it again with no irritation.  Both of them experienced fuller lips although the effect on lasted around 45 minutes.

I finally got around to using it yesterday.  I was on my way to work and figured I could probably do with a bit of a "make-over" as I'm looking older and way too tired of late.


Before using Skin XL Volumizing Lip Plumper


The Skin XL Volumizing Lip Plumper before, during and after

After using Skin XL Volumizing Lip Plumper


Is there any difference?

Do my lips look plumper?

I'll let you decide ...

I too experienced tingling when I applied the product.  The tingling kicked in within minutes and my lips remained slightly fuller for around 15 minutes.  My "after" photo was taken around five minutes after application.

According to the product brief we can experience fuller lips for around 6-8 hours.  That didn't happen for me yesterday, but then again I have only applied it once and it may take some time for my ageing body to start responding to it's magic.

The daughters had longer lasting results with their plumper lips lasting around 45 minutes.  Again, we have only just started experimenting so this may increase the more we use it.  I don't really know how it works in that regard.   But there hasn't been any magical "all day" effects for us just yet.

The Skin XL Lip Plumper is also a gloss so it's something you can use all day to give your lips some shine and a fuller look. I'll be using it all weekend this weekend as I head to the Gold Coast for the Pro Blogger conference.  I'll let you know if I get a longer lasting result!

The Skin XL Lip Plumper can be used on its own or under lipstick.  It will not provide permanent results but is designed to plump up your lips temporarily for day-to-day fullness, special occasions or simply to take a fuller lipped selfie.

If you are not satisfied with the results they have a money back guarantee if you return the product within 99 days.

You can buy the Skin XL Volumizing Lip Plumper via their online store for $33 AUD or save 20% when you buy two for $53.00 AUD.  This product also appears to be available in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe and Japan.

For more information head to (and don't forget to use the drop down box to choose your purchase in your country of residency).

Happy plumping! 


  1. Hey Leanne, another great post. I think your lips do look fuller, especially the bottom one. I've found that when I use my plumper my bottom lip is noticeably bigger, not so much my top one. I think everyone is just a little different. :)

  2. Slightly fuller, but it's the shine doing it, I suspect. The tingling sounds a bit off putting...

  3. I think your lips slightly fuller but not dramatically different. Still beautiful either way :)


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