Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 2521 - Conferences

Today I head to Pro Blogger

From Canberra to the Gold Coast
I've only ever been to one blogging conference. That was back in 2012 when I attended Digital Parents in Melbourne.  You know, the time I won the trip to Disney for the opening of Cars Land.  #notbragging #totallybragging

It wasn't in my strategic plan to attend Pro Blogger this year, but it was in my plan to meet some of my fave bloggers in real life, so it seemed like a good way to tick that item of my bloggy to-do list.  

I guess my post about having a "bloggy girls weekend away" was foremost in my mind when the Pro Blogger advertisements started to appear, so it was all a bit of a no brainer really.

As it turns out I don't consider myself a pro blogger.  I'm definitely more of a writer who wants to write than a blogger who wants to make a living out of it.  

I guess I like writing my blog because it not only gets my thoughts onto the interwebs, but also enhances the other things I do in my life.  You know, the whole life coaching side of things, the speaker gigs, as well as the author stuff.  

Given I do quite a few product reviews on items that help women age positively as well as all that travel stuff I write about, I should probably think about monetizing this space.  But how does one do that when the blog is only part of my life for an hour each morning at dawn?  How does one turn a hobby blog into a business without losing authenticity and my original readership? 

I guess this Pro Blogger conference may end up being more than just a networking and "in real life" weekend.  I may get a clearer vision for the future of this diary of a fit, fabulous and slightly fatigued 40ish year old.  (Note: That "ish" is now extremely well worn.)

I guess I'd better get dressed and head on over to the conference to find out! 

Happy Friday everyone!


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