Saturday, September 10, 2016

Day 2522 - What I learned at Pro Blogger 2016

The conference has begun ....

There are going to be a tonne of bloggers posting about their Pro Blogger experience in the coming weeks.

I'm not going to bore you with a recap on every session I attended nor will I bombard you with a bunch of selfies. Well not today at least. I'll do that tomorrow.

What I do want to share with you are a few little facts, figures and snippets that I found interesting and helpful.

Think like a fan, create content for them and establish a community.

  • When you're building a brand you've got to think like a fan.
  • Perfection is a fairy tale. Don't wait for perfect to press the button.
  • Community is the future of business.  "We" is greater than "Me".
  • Great content is determined by the audience not the author.

You Tube is essential to business.

  • 81% of all internet traffic in 2020 will be video.
  • You tube has 1 billion users per month.
  • 9 billion hours of You Tube videos are watched each month
  • 50% of that traffic comes from handheld devices
  • There are 400 hours of video uploaded every minute which equates to 50 years of watching time per day.
  • Google is the highest rank search engine in the world.  You Tube is second.

Get your SEO sorted
  • Social media does not replace "search" so it's essential to get SEO sorted.
  • If your page takes 3 seconds or longer to load you will lose 60% of traffic.
  • I am a complete gumby at SEO and am still none-the-wiser on any of this. 
  • Talking about SEO makes me dream of cake.

Sponsorship opportunities exist if you understand your value proposition.

  • You are not selling advertising space, you are selling an opportunity to connect a product with an audience.
  • There are many formulas to help us work out our "value" (eg Instagram posts get about $5 per 1000 followers) but value factors are far greater than formulas.  Throw the formulas away.
  • Work on creating a great proposal.
  • It's OK to blog for free to start off with to prove your authenticity and reach.
  • Even small blogs can create big sponsorship opportunities

Affiliate marketing can become a very lucrative passive income stream
  • The first $100 a month will be the hardest you'll make. It gets easier from there.
  • Google your favourite brands and the word "affiliate" to see where your fave brands are sold and what opportunities exist
  • Look at articles already written and go back and attach affiliate links.
  • Experiment.
  • Test links regularly

As bloggers we should think more like entrepreneurs
  • Don't follow - LEAD.
  • Form a weird and varied network,  Leaders get a broad perspective by creating networks made up of people outside their comfort zone.
  • Build a content machine that grabs attention, elicits trust and provides ongoing value.
  • Your job is to inspire people to share your "product". 
  • Forget followers, forget numbers and instead work on the things that are core to your beliefs.
  • Starve the hate side of your brain and harness positivity to feed creativity.
  • Tell your story and tell it as often as you can
  • No excuses: "You've got as much time in your day as Beyonce".

Get engagement through visual storytelling
  • Post what you're passionate about and that will shine through and connect with people
  • Streamline your blog by turning off the "noise"
  • Mix your writing style and tone
  • Use punchy headlines and intros to lure readers in
  • Write like yourself, not like somebody else
  • Don't use the word "over" when it comes to numbers ... use the words "more than" (oops, OVER 8000 books sold.  Think I need to make some changes to my Cheer Chick Charlie website.)
Build leverage on other social media tools like Instagram
  • Choose your hashtags wisely and set them up in advance
  • Video is everything
  • Get a phone tripod from EBay for around $3 to take video and photos with you in it
  • Value your community
  • Ask questions
  • Create your own "thing" via a hashtag to create your own community eg #lovinlifelinky 
  • Utilize your bio for where to direct your instagram followers and make sure that link is mobile friendly
  • Have an epic social media content strategy
  • Aesthetics are important
  • Use give aways
  • The more you post the faster you grow as Instagram rewards consistency
  • Partner with others for shout-outs
  • Remember - people want access to YOU. Your product. Your company, Your life. This access creates advocacy.
Use Videos
  • Mobile video is generating 50% of all mobile data (Cisco)
  • We are living in a mobile NOW world and no longer need perfection.
  • Give people access to you and their loyalty for your brand will follow
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. 
  • No two video apps are the same - understand your audience and what they are using.
  • Snapchat stories only last for 24 hours. Discovery is hard but it's real, raw, authentic attention which allows people to get involved with you and allows them to connect back with you without the rest of the world witnessing that connection. 
  • Periscope is amplified allowing videos to go beyond your followers
  • Twitter video is 140 seconds great for getting excitement about something with the ability to use hashtags
  • Instagram Stories is pretty much the same as Snapchat and adds context to your brand allowing people into your life while then dissolving after 24 hours.
Use live videos to make a real time connection.
  • Think like your fans
  • Welcome people to the stream
  • Introduce yourself every time
  • Provide value
  • Engage the community 
  • Recap
It's OK not to have a niche
  • A "multipotentialite" is a person who is destined to do and be many things.
  • If you don't have a niche then create a blog that has an overarching theme and find fun ways to combine unrelated items.
  • Your blog could become a medium through which to experience multiple topics from the perspective of a unique lens.  
Take imperfect action
  • Just get it done and press that bloody button! 
  • Making mistakes and showing your natural awkwardness creates momentum, builds confidence, teaches you and is totally relateable.

So there you have it! 

That's what I learned at Problogger this year.  

What do you think?

Have you learned something?

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  1. I've got major FOMO missing out at ProBlogger but on the flip side, I am living it large in Canad-ah! These are wise words indeed, I'm staying tuned for more nuggets of wisdom! Enjoy!

  2. Some great tips already - I am writing a 'to-do' list... I am so bummed that I can't be at ProBlogger. Maybe next year?

  3. Thanks for sharing those tips. Enjoy the SEO/cake 😜

  4. Thanks for sharing those tips. Enjoy the SEO/cake 😜

  5. Thanks for the tips! I'm looking forward to more snippets of wisdom over the coming days! Enjoy ProBlogger!

  6. I'm jealous of all those business cards - you met everyone!!!

  7. Very envious of you Insta feed is populated with ProBlogger attendees and I'm having major FOMO issues here. Great tips there. I need to look into Affiliate marketing a bit more. Same with my SEO stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you! Love that you're sharing yout experience. There is always so much to learn! Wish I had more time to spend on my blog trying out new things. Those You Tube stats are an eye opener :-O

  9. I didn't go to Pro Blogger either. I had a couple of days away with my lovely hubby instead. So I'm going to rely on everyone else's reviews to see what I missed out on!

  10. Thanks for sharing these pointers, Leanne! I always struggle with whether or not I should go to events like this. I have a small blog and I can't really see it becoming a business. But one day, I will go to something just to see what the possibilities may be.

    Hope you're having a great weekend and can't wait to see the selfies and more food photos!

    SSG xxx

  11. So jealous I couldn't get to this - 'we is greater than me' - I love that.


  12. Love the "we is great than me!" And your SEO/cake line made me laugh! I will never find SEO interesting.

  13. There is a lot there to take in. Perhaps in 12mths time I will be in a better place to take it all in lol. I don't understand SEO I try but fail miserable at understanding it lol. I would rather eat cake too I think.
    I am not sure that my writing on my blog will ever be monetised I think I write partly as an outlet for me. In a dream world of course it would be but that is yet to be determined.
    There is always something to learn isn't there.

  14. I missed this yesterday and I can't believe you got something out so quickly. I'm having to bookmark it though because there's so much I missed in sessions I didn't attend and some really useful information there!

  15. Problogger has been amazing this year for all the learning. I can't wait for all the recordings to come out. I have so many I want to listen to or listen to again.

  16. I'm with Deb how on earth did you manage to get something out while we were still AT Problogger! Some great points here, I have many of them in my notebook already - which I haven't read yet but hope too soon. Today I focused on going through all the business cards I collected, and connecting with these lovely peeps on the various social media channels. x

  17. I love this round up Leanne - some awesome takeaways here (particularly for poor folk like me who couldn't get there!)

  18. Great tips. Always a useful reminder for keeping on track and sticking with the Plan! Thank you #PoCoLo

  19. Wow - so much great stuff there. Bet you had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

  20. Despite being interviewed on twitter video at ProBlogger, I had already forgotten it existed haha. Thank you for reminding me!

  21. I so struggle thinking like a fan. I don't know what they want! I should probably ask them haha.

  22. Brilliant, a great list of stuff there. Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  23. It was so lovely to see you IRL - finally! I have much to implement!

  24. Wow yes, I've definitely learnt something Leanne. Mainly to be yourself, to be consistent and to vlog! Thanks for this, really useful.


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