Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 2523 - The Lovin' Life Linky - Problogger Selfie Edition

In today's post I get totally selfish.

Do you recognise these feet?
Which lovely bloggers could they belong to?
One pair of these feet are worth $1500 and can now be considered award winning.
(photo borrowed from @emhawkerblog Instagram) 

My blogging goal for 2016 was to meet as many of my fave bloggers in real life as possible. Check!

At ProBlogger this year I found my tribe and between us we took enough selfies to create a very small and uninteresting coffee table book that would in no way rival Kimmy K's "Selfish".

At first I was worried I wouldn't recognise anyone.  Even worse, I worried that they wouldn't recognise me.  What if we just kept walking past each other because in real life we look nothing like our on line personas?

I didn't need to worry.  Between us we managed to work each other out. The enormous lanyards hanging around our necks with our blog names on them kind of helped.

I recognised Janet from Middle Aged Mama immediately and almost crash tackled her in my excitement of actually seeing someone I knew.  Within 5 minutes of the imaginary crash tacking, Debbish recognised us both which made this union possible.

A Deep Fried Debbish fan girl cocktail party.

Realising that a group of middle aged blogging chicks could actually be a tribe
Lyndall from Seize The Day Project
Deep Fried Me
Deborah from Debbish
Janet from Middle Aged Mama
Photo from @middleagedmama Instagram)
I recognised Normal Ness immediately!
I'm looking forward to being on one of her first podcasts (isn't that right Ness?)

I was hugely excited to meet Amy from Handbag Mafia.
She is my bloggy crush,
It turns out we both drive Kia Carnivals and have star tattoos on our feet. Clearly we are sisters. Or I'm her mother. Or something.
Photo from @handbag_mafia Instagram
This beautiful lady is Rebecca Bowyer from Seeing the Lighter Side.
She is as beautiful in person as she appears on her blog.
(photo from @rebeccabowyerwriter Instagram)

I only met Lyndall from Seize the Day Project online for the first time this year, but as the title of her blog suggests, we are bloggy soul sisters.  Love sharing the positive energies with this lovely lady.

There are so many other people I met along the way and now I have a bunch of new blogs to check out.  But these ladies up here, these are the ladies I came to see.

My regret is I didn't get a selfie with Jess from Peachy Keen Mumma, but we got to have a cuddle which is the most important thing.

So I'm Lovin' Life this weekend in a totally selfish selfies way. Technically these aren't all selfies. But ... shut-up.

Are there any of these gorgeous ladies you'd like to meet in real life?

Want to know who owns those feet?

The Deep Fried tattooed feet are mine, the lovely ballet flats are Middle Aged Mamma and the award winning shoelaces belong to Emily Hawker who was one of three winners who scored an Olympus $1500 gift voucher due to her tricky use of Olympic camera straps as shoelaces.  

For the low down on what I learned at ProBlogger check out my post of yesterday which is aptly titled "What I learned at ProBlogger" . This post will evolve over the next few days.

What have you been up to this week?

*   *   *   *   *
If you're a blogger then feel free to link up a post that reflects what you're lovin' about life.  It could be a moment, a picture, a conversation, some food, a product, a dress, a hobby, an event, a place, a memory or a person - it's all about reminding ourselves what's good in our world. 

All bloggers are welcome! Fashion, food, beauty, business, personal, parenting ... whatever ...

If you're not a blogger then feel free to use the #lovinlifelinky hashtag to tag instagram photos or tweets about the things that are making you smile.  You can also click on some of the Lovin' Life links below and see what else is in the blogosphere.  You might be able to add a few sites to your reading list! So much to love ...


  1. I would so have loved to meet you and all the other pictured lovely bloggers too!

    1. Now if you were there I would have TOTALLY tracked you down and crash tackled you too.

  2. Completely jealous you met everyone!!!

    1. You NEED to do this! Seriously. I had the best time and got so much out of it.

  3. it was great seeing your updates and that you got to meet up with so many great bloggy friends. I was really excited for all of you!!

    1. Aww, thanks Denyse. I really feel like you would have been in our tribe pics too had you been there. Don't you think?

  4. Lovely pics... (though I realise I seriously need a haircut!). It was lovely to meet you and I completely agree about the 'finding your/my tribe' thing!

    1. Haha. Nah! You have this boho vibe going on. It's all good. Thanks for being such an amazing conference buddy. In the words of Jerry Maguire "you completed me" (well, they're not the exact words, but you know what i mean)

  5. It was so wonderful to meet you Leanne,and thank you for your kind words! What an amazing few days. I think I definitely need a nap now ��

  6. So many great selfies with so many amazing bloggers! I had some serious FOMO, but after 3hrs of Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday, I think I made the right decision to stay at home and 'try' to relax {if you can relax single parenting an almost two year old and an almost three and a half year old whilst being 36 weeks pregnant}. I really hope that I might get the opportunity to be at ProBlogger next year.

    1. Holy crap! That's a good reason not to be there Shari. I would LOVE to see you there next year. I hope I go again too! If the finances and timing is right. Sounds like you have your hands and your tummy pretty full right now though. Good luck. Keep us posted!

  7. It was SOOOOOO awesome to hang with you and Deb and Lyndall and Shari and so many other wonderful bloggy peeps. I went for the people and networking which was better than I could have dreamed of; and as a bonus have gained so many ideas and strategies that I am simply dying to implement - on my blog, in my business and with clients! My 3rd #PBevent and the best one yet :-)

    1. Sooooo awesome Janet. Peas in a pod.
      So happy I got to be part of the best PBEvent yet!

  8. First time on your linky in a while and I've picked up the wrong photo with my post. Any chance you could delete for me

    1. Never had to do that before but I'm sure I'll work it out. Let me see what I can do (let's hope I don't delete someone else by accident).

  9. Sounds and looks very exciting. I'm planning on meeting some fellow bloggers over the coming months too :) Thanks for hosting #LovinLife :)

    1. I've really enjoyed my bloggy catch ups this year. I've met up with another few on a one-on-one basis over the last few months. It's been delightful.

  10. It's so awesome to meet bloggy friends in real life! Looks like a great time.

  11. I love meeting bloggy friends in real life and I'm so glad I got to meet you!


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