Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 2524 - How I chose my blog name

Your blog name is what?  

This is one of my original blog banners
At Problogger on the weekend I got asked why I called my blog Deep Fried Fruit. I never got to answer the question because we were interrupted. 

Once I start chatting to people about my blog it becomes apparent it's not a how-to-guide on carotid arteries, nor is it recipe book for the ultimate Hawaiian Pack*.  

Quite simply, this blog is about ageing positively when you're feeling Deep Fried.

But why Deep Fried Fruit?

Why not Deep Fried Banana or Deep Fried Pineapple or Deep Fried Mars Bar?

I have no idea. All I can tell you is that I was on the massage table one day in early 2009 and in my zen state the name Deep Fried Fruit appeared to me. 

Actually, the full title that appeared to me wasn't just Deep Fried Fruit if the truth be known. It was "Deep Fried Fruit and Hessian Undies".   Like a gift from a very warped god.  

I had no idea what I was going to use it for, but at the time I figured it would be a kick arse title for some chick lit.

Fast forward six months to my 40th birthday week where I went to see the movie "Julie and Julia". Part way through this very epic bloggy tale I knew that I was going straight home to start a daily blog and it was going to be Deep Fried.

The epiphany I had during the movie to back up the goddly gift from my massage was that Deep Fried Fruit was the perfect way to summarise the "oxymoron" of ageing positively.  

The tagline of "fit and fabulous in my 40s" was a bit like battering and deep frying a banana.  Does the deep frying cancel all the goodness of the fruit, or does the power of the fruit outweigh the fact that it's now dripping in oil?  

Does hitting the decade of middle age cancel the goodness of being fit and fabulous, or does the power of positivity outweigh the fact that I'm now swiftly heading towards the arse end of my life?

So that's the very long answer as to why my blog is called "Deep Fried Fruit".  

In hindsight I'm thinking I could have got the same result from calling it something cool like Vodka Cranberry, but I was too hung up on using the name the massage messiah had given me.  

As I ride the downhill slide to 50 I am thinking that the Deep Fried component may be starting to outweigh the fresh fruit side of the business. But it could be worse. I could be sliding down this hill in Hessian undies and there ain't nobody who'd want to see the results of that! 

How did you come up with your bloggy name?

If you were to start a blog, what would you call it?

Ever had a message from a massage messiah? 

*I used to work at a charcoal chicken shop when I was 18 and the Hawaiian Pack included a quarter chicken, chips, deep fried pineapple and deep fried banana.  This blog is not about that. 
This business card designed for me back in 2012 with original artwork created to depict the many projects I juggle which is all carried inside one very fruity hat. I've now got a new design, but this was pretty damn cool, don't you think?


  1. I'd always wondered where you came up with it Leanne! It is a really different blog name but that's what makes it easy to remember!
    I chose my blog name to reflect what I mainly blog about (books), and to reflect what I enjoy (ie what's in my good books). It's probably not that original, but I'm happy with it :)

  2. Because the Wild Thing(s) were here, but now they're not. Now the crabby, sensible old lady is, but she occasionally lets the Wild Thing back for a rumpus.

    1. LOL. I have one of those personas. I am Leanne when I'm Mum and a business woman but Leanimal lets loose occasionally when in party mode ... but if Leanderthol hits, then WATCH OUT! Because she's a cranky bitch.

    2. Oh, do I really need to explain?

      And I knew that tale already, lol.

    3. Hahahaha! So good to see you on here MM. It's been so long since I've typed MM.

  3. I used to crumb and fry quite a few pineapples and bananas, and made quite a few Hawaiian packs in my time. The frying brings out the sweetness, god knows why we then smothered it in cinnamon sugar?
    I have a better understanding now of your blog name :)

  4. I'm so glad to finally have the answer to this question, because I was thinking about you after I got home and how I never did find out how you got your blog name!!! Great story and great name, definitely unique and memorable ... just like you :-) . I came up with Middle Aged Mama - middle aged because that's my stage in life and I felt it could be an overarching theme (as Emily Wapnick said at Problogger) and I could cover many topics under that banner. And the Mama because that's what Miss 19 often calls me and I like it :-)

  5. I love hearing how other people came up with their blog name. I started life as Ghetteaux Posh which was a joke from me living in a less than desirable Adelaide suburb for ten years and still putting my pinky up to drink tea but I changed it four months in. I think it reflects my tastes and aspirations but I'm not sure people get it, and I don't know if I'd choose it again but two years on and it seems a bit late now!

  6. Finally...the mystery is solved....I too have always 'wondered'. Interesting isn't it how things evolve? When I started blogging in 2010 I was 'worried' about privacy issues more than most as I come from a govt teaching background. My first blog was memoriesbydenyse - I thought I'd write about making memories via photos and stories and that lasted for a while until I attended the first ever Australian Blogging Conference in Sydney called Aussie Bloggers. Whilst I learned more about 'we need to tell our stories" I remained too conservative to really use my voice other than in a semi-professional way. I made two blogs then called and for two different audiences but they didnt really take off....I began the third blog, which has morphed into the current one, denyse whelan blogs and took all of the voices I write with, made them mine and here I am...blogging as me but using the experiences of the past too. Loved reading your story and that of others here too. Thanks so much for being #1 over at the first link up for #ltw - Life This Week! Denyse xx

  7. Yes very cool. On the massage table was a great spot. My name took me about two-three months to arrive on the train from the sub-conscious. I wrote about it on my blog on Denyse's Monday linkup this week 'So You Want To Be A Writer'.

  8. My blog was originally called 26 years and counting and I named it because I was 26 and all I did was randomly open an account to teach myself how to use wordpress! Then I rebranded to NormalNess as the age wasn't really relevant - and remember - we're all normal to ourselves! I think my husband came up with Bloggers and Bacon for me.

  9. I've always wondered this! What a great story. I too had a message from a message messiah for my blog name - Veggie Mama came to me immediately and I never considered anything else!


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