Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 2525 - How to boost your immunity post travel

Does travel make you feel run down?

I was chatting to a colleague last week who was fighting the lurgy after her return from overseas.  My aunt has been battling the same issue post travel.   Big holidays with lots of time spent on planes can definitely knock us around.

So what can we do to bounce back?

Holidays can mean a lot of laying about, drinking cocktails and eating loads of fun food. Some holidays can include hiking, bike riding and other physically strenuous activities.  While we would think that both would have their health benefits, they can also play havoc with our post holiday recovery.

Holiday one is so relaxing it can slow our body down so much that it makes it less resilient to bugs. Holiday two can wear us out which again can make it harder to fight.

I guess the best option is a happy medium! The holiday that combines good sleep and relaxation with remaining active.  That has us drinking as much water as cocktails and eating as much fruit as fries.  The holiday where we swim, walk and utilise the hotel gym, while at the same time laying by the pool reading magazines and catching day-time Z's.

Those long haul flights can be a cesspool of germs so the best way to get ready for the return journey is to spend the final day or two boosting our immunity via good food and water.

How to prepare your body for long haul travel:

  • Keep alcohol to a minimum on the day of departure. Drink water and green tea instead.
  • Eat lots of colourful in season fruit to top up the immunity and inject some much needed Vitamin C
  • Allow yourself the luxury of foods high in antioxidants including dark chocolate (the darker the better) for better immune function
  • Nourish the good bacteria in your gut by drinking green smoothies full of dark green vegetables to increase your vitamins, minerals and fibre.  

Do you get sick after a big holiday?

How do you prepare your body for the return journey?

What's your favourite green juice concoction? 

Any other travel tips?


  1. Water and Vitamin C seems to work for me.

  2. I always used to get sick after travelling. It was most noticeable when I lived in Canberra and travelled a lot for work. I was never sure if it was the plane and the lurgies floating about, or changing climates (I often went overseas, or at a minimum, to Qld) or just being run down. Having said that I really didn't look after myself as you suggest.

  3. Favourite green juice additions are cucumber and ginger. I like to prepare for my return home with a big spoonful of resignation and read up of detox diets which I then don't follow ;) Ha ha- great post!

  4. My husband usually gets sick just as he goes on holidays. What is with that?

  5. That's good advice for general health too, Leanne. Antioxidants never go astray (especially when they are from dark chocolate!!)

  6. Vitamin C is my thing. I don't know if it's because it works or it's a placebo but works - who cares so long as it works!

  7. Teachers always get sick in the school holidays, I know that! Something about the body knowing it can 'relax'. Great post! Denyse #teamIBOT

  8. I seem to always get sick after heading off on holidays, regardless of what I do to prepare. I think my body and mind have a sixth sense and just know when I'm vulnerable!

  9. water is such a big thing when you travel. I know that the first few days on holidays I tend to drink lots of water and then forget and my body hates it. I usually eat different foods and drink more alcohol so the one constant should be water.


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