Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 2526 - Wordless Wednesday the Problogger Food Edition

Warning: This post may make you hungry.

If you're on a diet, then it might be best for you to look away now.

If you need to cater for an upcoming event, then definitely keep reading.  There are some great ideas here.

The food displays at Problogger had bloggers in a photo frenzy.  Not hard to see why!

Aren't they pretty!

I have no idea what half the foods are, which probably doesn't help you planning your next event, but ... aren't they pretty!

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone.


  1. They were certainly pretty. Not sure the 'dietary requirements' section was quite up to the same standard... :-)

  2. What an amazing spread! Looks like it was another great event this year :)

  3. The food was awesome. I must confess I scoffed 3 of the macarons, well normally they cost about $3 each and are gone in two mouthfuls so I made the most of it!


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