Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 2531 - Author retreat

To write a book I've got to get away ...

I'm at the coast all alone to write the next installment in the "Flippin' Out" free eBook series.  Stunt Boy Ben needs my undivided attention.

To write I need:

  • A clean and comfortable space
  • Complete silence with no chance of interruption
  • No jobs, chores or social media to distract me
  • Colourful paper to nurture my inner child and plot the storyline 
  • Plenty of snacks, tea and water
  • Mints so I can't be offended by my own breath
  • An outside world with fresh air to gulp when I walk outside to clear my head
  • Comfy clothes, a big cuddly cardigan and slippers
With that said I'm now turning off the interwebs and entering a world of tumbles, flips, friendships and adventure.  

Have a great Monday! 

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