Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day 2533 - Cheer Chick Charlie Instagram

You get what you focus on.

It used to be that the Cheer Chick Charlie Instagram account would lay a bit dormant.  I'd be lucky to post a photo to that account twice a week.

The reality was I just didn't know how to sell it.  I didn't know who my audience was or whether I even really had an audience.  I didn't quite know how to use Instagram for engagement.

Then magic happened and the penny finally dropped.

I shifted my focus and as we all know - you usually get what you focus on.

Right now I'm focussing on the fans.  I'm focussing on engaging with my fans on Instagram.

As a result I'm getting some wonderful fan photos, creative pics and testimonials. Too many to show you here.

Each of these kids is a star.  An absolute standout.  So many beautiful children sharing their love of books.

Which now makes me want to spend my days on Cheer Chick Charlie Instagram.  It's really quite distracting.

Or is it perhaps marketing time well spent?

Either way I'm getting what I focus on.  Lots of Instagram engagement.  I may not be able to meet all my fans face-to-face but this has got to be the next best thing.

Remember: You get what you focus on.

What are you focussing on this week?

Are you focussing on the things that are important for your positive forward movement?


  1. This is fabulous Leanne, a great testament to your hard work. I am most definitely introducing my daughters to Cheer Chick Charlie :)

  2. It's so true that we get what we focus on! The trick is finding the right thing to focus on at the right time!

    I think it is so lovely for all your fans to have access to you through your Cheer Chick Charlie instagram page. I was an avid reader when I was growing up and I would have loved to have had interaction like that with my favourite authors!

  3. I suppose it's tricky with your younger audience not on social media? But the truth is their super proud mum's are and they are the ones that buy the books in the first place. So glad the penny dropped.

    1. The crazy thing is my younger audience IS on social media. That's why Instagram is working so well right now. My exact target age group is using this (mostly with their parent's watchful eyes) to interact with the world. It totally took me by surprise ... but pleasantly so.


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