Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 2534 - A quick catch up

So where are we at in life?

Taxi Mum

I've been so distracted with all this damn rain (and resulting body pain) and so busy hanging out with my fans on social media that the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. You probably noticed I've been boringly repetitive of late.

To apologise for my neglect, I give you a Deep Fried update.

First and foremost if you divide that number of days up there in the post title by 365 you'll come up with the number of years I've been blogging daily.  It's my birthday in two weeks and that means it's my blogoversary.  I'll have been blogging daily for 7 years.  7 years!!!  That will be worthy of a massive celebration.  Or not.  Depends how I'm feeling on the day I guess.

It's almost my blogoversary - counting down the days

The calculations right now say 6.94 which may be a little out of whack as I've probably typed the wrong number on occasion, plus I haven't factored in leap years. Or any days I may have lost travelling over the date line.  But one thing is for sure, I've never woken up to a brand new day and not blogged.  Rain, hail or migraine, there has been a post.  I have to be honest - for a girl who's biggest value is "commitment", I'm very proud of that.

So that takes care of blogging, what else is news?

I've written a lot about Cheer Chick Charlie lately which is probably boring you shitless.  The reality is it's my core business focus and I've been putting in a lot of effort for around five years to get the brand recognised by children across Australia.

Finding fun new ways to connect with my fans on social media
The idea was born in May 2011 when Cheer Chick Charlie popped into my head as I was driving from cheerleading training to see a client. I was pondering about all the hats I was wearing (cheer coach, blogger, life coach, budding children's book author) and wondering how on earth I could steer them into a direction where they somehow all came together.  On that day in May Cheer Chick Charlie was born.  The first thing I did was go home and register the domain name.

It's been a long hard journey since then.  Like with so many things in life there have been amazing peaks and heart wrenching troughs.  I'll tell you all about them one day, but for now I'm just focussing on connecting with my Aussie fans.  Plus I'm trying to get bites overseas so I can take the books international.   It's a very slow process for a self published girl who does't have any connections in the publishing world.  Suffice to say that "commitment" value I mentioned up there is important when it comes to my approach of "patient persistence".

As for my coaching/consultancy business I've taken a little break from it for the time being. I'm not turning down clients, I'm just not actively seeking them either.  I do however chair a networking session once every 6 weeks with some of my past and present home business clients. Our next meeting is tomorrow which I'm looking forward to.  It usually involves cake.

The Achieve Beyond Home Business Network

You may recall I took on some contract work in the property management industry recently.  I'm loving spending two part days in an office environment with another woman who is as committed and passionate about her business endeavours as I am.

When it comes to family it's all go go go.

We're delighted that the big grown up daughter is now living back in Canberra.  We feel safer in the knowledge that she's got the support of family as she continues her battle with the big C.  For now she is currently cancer free, but sarcoma is one of those beasts that may be hanging around the sidelines.  She's got a great job and she's even back playing basketball. Seeing her fit, healthy and stress free is essential for her positive forward movement.  Having the grand-bub around is of course a massive bonus.

Apparently this cutie has discovered snap chat filters
As for my first born, well, nothing makes you feel old like seeing your baby driving a car.  The model daughter turns 17 this weekend and if the driving test goes according to plan she'll be the proud owner of a set of P plates.  Arrrrggghhhhhhhhh.  That's really all I've got to say about that.


Our lad is as usual completely soccer obsessed.  This next 6 months will be a test of his resilience and commitment when it comes to his sport.  As you know he got accepted into the Coerver Academy again this year which means two nights of training a week plus the occasional weekend.  Just this week he also got invited into his club's High Performance Program which is designed for those players they feel might make it to premier league but who need the extra coaching to get them across the line.  Then there's his summer indoor soccer team.  It's going to take some very careful parenting to ensure he doesn't burn out completely.

It's possible there may end up being too much soccer

My folks just returned from a trip of a life time where they followed the migration of the Wildebeest across the Serengeti.   That's going to be one hell of a slide show! We're hoping to see their photos this weekend and we may even watch the Lion King just to get in the flow.

One of the many magnificent creatures my parents found in their African adventure
The hubster is still doing what the hubster does best.  He's working hard, looking after the rest of us, trading second hand stuff on EBay to make pocket money for holidays and continually losing his keys.  And his wallet. And his sunglasses.  His big news right now is that he's getting ready to play basketball at the Australian Masters Games which will then lead to competing in the World Masters Games in New Zealand next year.   I love that he's still playing basketball at 50.  Oh, and he's happy to be the youngest on his team.

How cool are his new basketball boots?

So there you have it.  That's the Deep Fried update.

Hope this long winded post has made up for some of the short boring posts of late.

I'll get my head back into the blogosphere soon. Promise.  I just keep getting distracted by my little cheerleader.

Have a great day! 


  1. That is a big update. I am not looking forward to the car driving stage. I'm hoping if I don't mention it, no one will think it's time to do it...(that rule seems to work for making beds, putting laundry in the basket and even eating dinner)

    1. LOL! Good luck with that. Although, you probably don't need to drive in Sydney. It's too much of a pain to get parking!

  2. I loved reading your update Leanne! I feel like I know you a lot more now, so thank you for sharing. Your family is beautiful!!! I think you are amazing to blog every single day, and at almost 7 years, that is a really great milestone to be celebrating. You go girl!!!!

  3. I don't know how you blog every single day, what a legend! Loved the update and glad your family is all together xx

  4. Wow! Busy family! You blog every day?! You deserve an award!

  5. OMG, you have blogged daily for 7 YEARS?! That is amazing!! You are now officially my bloggy hero! Thanks for the update, gorgeous family you have there!

  6. Wow, the Masters.... I should ask my brother if any of his old friends are playing (they still have a team playing in the Brisbane comp).

    It sounds like you're getting lots of family time in which is great and your granddaughter is very cute.

    I'm glad you've been getting to spent some time on CCC - a great takeaway from your time at ProBlogger!

  7. Great update, Leanne and a lovely photo of you as a taxi driver!

  8. 7 years of blogging every day??!! That's an incredible achievement! Congratulations :-) I love your update posts, by the way x

  9. Hello to a fellow Leanne - I just found you through Middle Aged Mama and it's lovely to read all these bloggers I never knew about who are all Aussies. So hi from me and from WA :)

  10. Leanne, stop! Oh you won't I know...but my goodness I got a bit tired reading that...You juggle so much However I also know that you probably love life this way the most!! Congrats on your spirit of kindness, positivity and keeping it real. I appreciate your bloggy friendship very much! D xx

  11. 7 years!! That's truly amazing, Leanne! So many wonderful achievements you have under your belt, inc
    Using of course your family. And what is it with men and lost wallets??!


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