Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 2537 - The Lovin' Life Linky - The P Plate Edition

Happy birthday to my baby! 

This photo "borrowed" from her Instagram
Although I may have edited it a little.
You've got to love Picmonkey for turning a plain old dinner outing into a party
This week we celebrate my first born's 17th birthday and all that comes with that.  Including of course now getting her P's.

This parenting gig is an interesting one with so many moments in life where we have to take off the L plates and watch our babies make their way on their own.

Holding their own bottle.

Eating without being spoon fed.

Walking without holding hands.

Going to the toilet.

Taking the training wheels off the bike.

Saying goodbye at the school gate.

Having their first sleep over.

She'll always be our princess.
None says my child has grown up like handing them the car keys and a P plate and waving goodbye as they drive away.

My girl made a decision that she would be driving the day she turned 17.  We did what we could at our end to get her driving confidently.  Then we realised that after 30 years of driving we may have forgotten the best way to do things, so we bought the 10 pack of formal driving lessons.

On Friday the driving instructor took her through her final "test" and she passed with flying colours.  That day I went out and bought a set of P's safe in the knowledge I still had a few days before she turned 17.

Today is the day.  Today my baby is a 17 year old and she's almost allowed to take the car out without one of us by her side.

I say almost because today is Sunday. She has to wait until the next business day to make things official.  We've got a long weekend which means her licence can't be finalised until the office opens again on Tuesday.

I'm a tad relieved by that.  It's not that I don't want her to drive.  Of course I do.  I am very proud of the fact she accomplished what she set out to do.  I just don't want to let her go yet.  I liked those L plates because it meant we were still necessary.

Today we celebrate the day my baby was born.  We also celebrate her accomplishments, her kindness, her dreams, her character and the light she brings to our life every time she enters the room.

But mostly we celebrate the fact that we can hand her the keys, safe in the knowledge that this gorgeous girl of ours actually wants to return home.

Happy birthday beautiful girl!

Happy Sunday everyone.

Happy Lovin' Life Linky.

What milestones have your kids reached lately?

Have you had to hand over the keys? 

What's been happening in your world this week?

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  1. Big happy birthday to Miss T and getting her P plates in advance is very impressive. So many milestones and so many more! (PS I can't believe I'm up and have my post published before the link-up is open... who is this early bird?!)

  2. Happy birthday to your eldest! I felt uneasy when my first started to drive by herself and slowly the unease is disappearing, but I dont think it will completely go, she is after all still my "baby!"

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter , it is a big milestone . One good thing you won't have to be the taxi anymore

  4. Congratulations and happy birthday to your daughter! My twins have just started on their L plates not so long ago! I'm a bit scared even thinking about them driving independently!

  5. Congratulations to your daughter! I remember getting my Ps ...49 years ago now and it was exciting. Our DD got hers 2nd time round and we were able to help her out with a car of her own as she was in her final year of school and was going to Uni the next year. I was less worried when it wasn't my car she was driving...does that sound bad?? Good luck with the slow untying of what used to be called 'apron strings'.

    1. LOL. Just a little bit bad, but totally get it! She's been driving for three days now and so far she's saved me around 4 taxi trips. I could get used to this!

  6. Our Miss 17 got her licence back in April...she waited until she was on holidays to go for her test so she wasn't stressed. She came home from her test and about 20 minutes later drove off up the road on her own. I didn't like watching her drive off all on her own but she has been very sensible all year so I don't worry as much now.

    1. I fake cried when Tahlia drove off. But to be honest I felt OK. I thought I would worry myself sick, but so far so good.

  7. Happy Birthday to your grown up girl! My boy has just turned 9, so I don't have to worry about him driving for a while yet! :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your little girl! Wow. 17 years passes quickly, doesn't it? I have a nephew turning 12 and I guess he'll be driving around in no time! Scary.

    Thanks again for hosting the Lovin' Life Linky!

  9. Happy birthday to your baby girl - what a big milestone it is to get your licence. Living in a small country town, I naturally got mine as soon as possible to be able to visit friends in other towns! I will definitely be packing my 3.5 year old off to professional lessons. If she's lucky, she might inherit my Swift - should be time to upgrade by then!


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