Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 2543 - Have you checked our dogs anal glands lately?

Sorry, this is going to be a stinky post.

Esmeralda as my bow model for a recent Cheer Chick Charlie Instagram post
This beautiful woman is now a permanent fur guest in our home.  Esmeralda and Alfie (her border collie X Samoyed brother) have taken up ongoing residence at Castle Langdown.

In recent weeks Esmeralda has been really stinky. So stinky in fact that she's been shunned on numerous occasions despite regular bathing.

She smelled of rotten fish and we blamed her breath but it seems we can't tell the difference between her arse and her face. It took another fur parent to tell us yesterday that it was probably her anal glands.

Excuse me? Her what?

I was told we need to squeeze them.


Instead we paid the $25 to visit the veterinary nurse who did it for us.  It turns out they were so completely full that poor Esmeralda must have been extremely uncomfortable.

I tell you what was uncomfortable.  Driving home with our heads out the windows as we gagged uncontrollably at the post-glandular-squeeze stench.

I rang the hubster as we left the vet to get her bath ready.  Needless to say that furry butt was scrubbed on return.

Dogs can often secrete their own anal glands either through their normal defecation or via the very attractive bum drag.

Some aren't so lucky and require human intervention.

So if you have a dog that's a bit on the nose, it might be worth getting their anal glands checked.

No dogs were harmed in the writing of this post.

My apologies now Esmeralda for airing your dirty laundry butt hole. 

Yes, the car required airing as well. 

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