Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 2545 - Are we attracted to women of the same star sign?

I'm a Libra hear me roar!

Libras aren't actually known for their roaring. They are lovely and balanced individuals.  Until they're not feeling particularly balanced, then look out! (That's not based on any astrological theory, but on my own sense of self.)

Apparently we're lovers of beauty, peace and harmony.  I agree with that.  Because of this we find it difficult to say "no".  I also agree with that.

When my daughter was born within the Libra star sign I originally thought "shit, can two Librans live in harmony under the one roof?"  Well we can, because we both want that whole peace and harmony thing.

My daughter and I get on extremely well.  In fact, she truly is a model daughter.

This year I've been lucky enough to have a bunch of new women enter my life through my blogging, business and cheerleading.

As Facebook alerts me to the birthdays of some of these new friends I realise quite a few of them have birthdays within a day or two of my own.

This year I seem to be attracting more Librans into my world.

Which made me wonder if we are more attracted to women of the same star sign.

Or does this perhaps depend on what star sign we are?

I started to investigate but quickly found that astrology is pretty complicated and I'd need a Masters to work it all out.

Perhaps I'm just attracting new Librans into my life because I'm at an age where I avoid drama, competitiveness and conflict style behaviours.

Perhaps it's all just coincidence.

Coincidence or not it's definitely got me thinking.

I'm definitely focussing on the beauty, peace and harmony components of my world.  Anything else is just too exhausting to contemplate.

What star sign are you?

Are you surrounded by the same or similar star signs?

Astrological attraction or pure coincidence?

*Note: This post is based on the original star signs I grew up with, not the apparent identification of a whole new astrological chart with a new sign that would make me a Virgo.  

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  1. I'm a Capricorn... not sure if I'm attracted to similar signs... it's been so long I don't remember! ;-)

    1. I'm thinking more of friendships than dating. I seem to be attracting more friendships of similar star signs. Intriguing.

  2. I'm a Pisces...& I'm an astrologer lol. I'm rarely attracted to other Pisceans, but absolutely to Scorpios. Having said that, I have friends all across the zodiac- although there are some signs I find more difficult that others to deal with...not mentioning any names...

  3. She's a 'model' daughter... I like that! I am sagittarius married to a pisces and whilst it may not be a so-called star match made in heaven we are absolute opposites who fell in love almost 46 years ago and stayed that way!! Happy almost your birthday xx Thanks for linking up for Life This Week! Denyse

    1. When it comes to friends I seem to be attracting similar. When it comes to husband we are total opposites.

  4. I am happy to stay a Virgo! The astrology world really is in a flap lol. My hubby is a Virgo, and so is one of my best friends. My three kids are all Scorpios, so yes I seem to 'collect' star signs :)

  5. I'm a fellow Libran! My husband is a Leo and my daughter is a Pisces. I am yet to see how this plays out in terms of how we all get along. I only have a couple of Libran friends.


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