Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 2548 - Need motivation to exercise? Get a dog.

Today the dogs took me for a walk.

Two happy doges after their very active 5k
For the last few years I've been self motivated when it comes to exercise.  Admittedly I'm not one to train for marathons or even come close to breaking a sweat (YUK!) but I have been remaining reasonably fit and toned through my natural love of walking.

I just love getting out in the fresh air.

However, this winter was just a little bit too fresh.  I don't think it was any colder than normal (although it was considerably longer), I'm just less resilient than I used to be.

The cold Canberra temps just about did me in and as a result my lack of exercise has left me feeling very squidgy around the edges.

The fact that we now have dogs again did little to get me outdoors.  In fact the sheer energy of three dogs had me hiding inside in fright.  I left all canine exercise to the hubster who would load them into the KIA and take them to the nearest dog park to run themselves ragged.

But today something changed.  Today the excitement and expectations of the dogs had me feeling brave enough to take over doggie duty again.

It actually looked like spring may have found it's way to the nation's capital which has put a spring in their steps and a smile on their faces.  With the mercury exceeding 20 degrees their enthusiasm opened my eyes to the possibility of getting my walking back on track.

The fact that one of the foster dogs has gone to a new forever home has meant that taking the dogs for a walk is a much more manageable experience.

Between the teen and I we were able to do the 5km lake walk quite comfortably with two fur friends even letting them off their leads for one section so they could run free.

Their excitement and appreciation is incredibly infectious.

Dogs are a great motivator! The need to exercise is not confined to my health and fitness but to their health and happiness too.

I'm looking forward to them taking me for another walk tomorrow.

How's your exercise going?

Did you hibernate over winter? 

Are you self-motivated or do you need a friend to help get you going?


  1. Getting a dog does seem like a great way to get out more - love the pics as well! : )

    1. Thanks Charles! We did it again today. Great introduction to spring


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