Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 2553 - Where's the dodgiest place you've ever stayed?

From 5 star to no star.

Very clean and tidy. Small. No police tape which is always a good sign.

Last week we stayed in 5 star accommodation.  This week the stars seem to be missing.

It's been less than a week since we returned from our Gold Coast junket and I managed to fit in two days of work and a day of filming before then heading to the NSW South Coast on Saturday night so I could write.

Two nights away and 16 hours of keyboard tapping allowed me to finish Book 9 of the Cheer Chick Charlie series by lunch time yesterday.

There was no time to re-read or even marvel in my brilliance.  I leaped into the car and drove back to Canberra, picked up my daughter and arrived in Sydney late last night for secret model business.

Call time is 6.30am this morning in Coogee.  A bed is all that's required. We definitely don't need any ambiance or frills.  There's no time to enjoy them (nor any money to pay for them).

So we grabbed a "cheap" deal at a dodgy lodge to camp for the night.  As far as dodgy lodges go, this one isn't the dodgiest.  Although the building is old, with weird smells, the sounds of farts and vomits coming from next door, and wind howling around the window; the room itself is simply lovely.

I'm always nervous when we do the whole "cheap" thing because there was that time we went to a place in Sydney apparently renowned for the police tape. Our experience was blood on the stairs and a windowless room, with a cigarette smoke haze and stained sheets.  Let's just say I was glad to have the foresight to take my own linen.

In comparison this place we're in right now is absolutely stunning.

I remember the hotels I stayed in as a young traveler in the USA.  One trip from coast to coast with my parents and my hubby (then boyfriend) saw us in $25 a night hotels which were cockroach infested and of horror movie quality.  We spent a few sleepless nights with our suitcases and chairs stacked against the doors.

I also remember a few back packer experiences where I would sleep with my sleeping bag tied up over my head to prevent cockroaches from chewing on my eyelashes and finger nails (I read they do that when they get hungry).

There's a fine line between getting a bargain and compromising your health and safety.

Today we feel safe.

In the past, not so much.

Anyway, it got me to wondering about the travel habits of others.

Where's the dodgiest place you've ever stayed?

Have you ever had to sleep with the roaches? 

Have you compromised your comfort for a good deal?

Gotta run. Got a call time to get to and a blogger to meet for the first time in real life!

Have a great day!


  1. I stayed in a backpacker hostel in San Francisco. I had to sleep on a top bunk with a dirty mattress. The bathroom from above was leaking onto my bed. I slept in a sleeping bag but still managed to get a fungus grow on my face from it!!!!

    1. OMG!!!! That's terrible. Although I am writing this while trying not to laugh. Because, really ... the things we subject ourselves to ...

  2. Oh yes.... I once used to coordinate these Ministerial forums around the State and attended various ones. I'd forgotten that those motels existed with louvres (so you could hear the owners playing ping pong - not a euphemism!) and had the little door thing for breakfast trays.

    And in a previous life I stayed in some very very nice places...

  3. I once stayed in the YMCA on my first night in New York. To be fair it was clean enough, but there were roaches everywhere. I think that's how my roach phobia began. I've stayed in my share of dodgy youth hostels but these days I'd rather splash some cash and stay somewhere with a bit of star quality!

  4. Two places come to mind.
    1. My family moved from Bendigo to Darwin for 6 months in the opening days of 1990. It took five days to drive there, and on day 3 we stayed in Coober Pedy. It was 52 degrees and all of the underground motels were booked out so ours was above ground with a just a water cooler on a stand and 2 million locusts flitting about.
    2. Travelling alone in Lodon for the first time, I stayed in a place in Russell Square where the host was very interested and kept coming into my room. I ended up putting a chair against the door and slept with my Swiss Army knife in my hand. It was also insufferably hot and stuffy without air conditioning.

  5. Oh my, this reminded me of a work trip I had to take to Childers in which our bosses put us up in the cheapest shit accommodation ever, and on top of it, I had to share the room with another girl. (who's company I really enjoyed, but really sharing!!)

  6. Probably this pub room in a tiny 4-street town in Outback Qld. The rooms didn't have keys.

  7. The dodgiest place we ever stayed was somewhere in England, I can't exactly remember where, but it was purely just a stop over. The room smelt, the carpet was threadbare and stained, and the bed was lumpy. It took all my nerve to actually stay there the night and can barely think about what state the mattress was in under the yellowed sheets!

  8. When we were first married we hired a car and drove around NZ, just checking in to accommodation as we found it. Hubby is very careful with money, so was happy to get a 'bargain' at the Fox Glacier Hotel. The reception areas were certainly classy and luxe. But as we were taken further and further back through various outbuildings ... the standards dropped. We ended up in a room like a camp or dormitory, with old steel beds and not much else. At least we didn't have to share with anybody else, and we had our own bathroom!!!!

  9. One star hotels in Rome and Venice were pretty dodgy, but mainly just small so you could hardly fit the suitcase by the bed, and the shower spray wet pretty much most of the room. With no aircon the choice was mozzies and loud noise, or stiffling heat.

  10. We stayed in a very dodgy place in Washington DC - basically a crack den in the ghetto with people rattling the door at all hours, comings and goings and a blocked toilet that necessitated a late night room switch. I had a major anxiety attack and spent most of the night vomiting into the toilet. I wrote a Trip Advisor review and was contacted by a journalist for comment after - apparently they were shut down after a bed bug infestation!! That was the worst but most of the rooms I've had in the USA have been decent; not fancy but clean, roomy and functional.

  11. The dodgiest I have stayed at is the Formula One at Campbelltown! The rooms were like little plastic bubbles and dear oh dear I think that would have something to do with the fact that they just hosed them out to clean them!!

  12. Apart from the one I mentioned on my blog post was the one I stayed at Venice Beach in California. Gunshots outside. Eek!


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