Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 2554 - It's been a week of water

Today I give you water.

First stop: The Gold Coast last Wednesday
A view of the Surfer's Paradise from Labrador 
Over the last seven days I've been privy to lots of lovely water views.

Worthy of some reflection ...

(Pun totally intended.)

You'll recognise this view from last week's post showing the fabulous Marriott Surfer's Paradise

Next Stop:  Thursday back home and our local lake where we walk the dogs
Next Stop: The NSW South Coast on the weekend where I went to write my next book

Next Stop: Warriewood (Sydney) yesterday where I delivered more books to my distributor

Final Stop:  Coogee yesterday afternoon where I hung out while waiting for the model daughter to finish her all day shoot with Pop Sugar.

From the ACT, to Queensland, back to Canberra, to the coast, to Sydney and back home.  Quite a bit of travelling in the last week.

So much lovely water!

Have you been near the water lately?


  1. You HAVE been a busy girl! There is something magical about being near the water. Love where I live just a couple of mins from the bay :-)


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