Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 2557 - Make Your Mark

This is your day to be awesome.

A gift that helps me to make my mark
Last Saturday you might recall I was filming for the new "Dress Me Up - Embrace Your Style" series being presented by the founder and owner of Sash & Belle Handbags, Kristy McPhillips.

In gratitude for my involvement Kristy gifted me with a "Make Your Mark" notepad that helps "unleash the remarkable leader in you".

Right up my alley!

Kristy discovered this series of stationery while at the Reed Gift Fair.  The notepad is designed to inspire and challenge thinking every day.

Created by Kasia Gospos, the founder of Leaders in Heels, the notepad has removable pages which are all unique and combine an inspirational daily headline with a priorities list, to-dos, rewards, inspirational quotes and a space for random notes and thoughts.

The Make Your Mark series includes a notebook, notepad and journal all of which have been created to promote passion, creativity, innovation, confidence, determination and kindness.

The notepad is particularly inspiring and very functional when it comes to creating success.  As a success coach I will be highly recommending it to my clients as a way to not only prioritise their work but to keep them motivated and their beliefs alive in the process.

It's a great way to help us age positively.

Right now you can order your "Make Your Mark" notepads from the Leaders In Heels website. Hopefully they'll be in book shops, gift shops and stationery shops soon!

Happy Saturday! 

Hope you Make Your Mark today. 


  1. Love it Leanne! The only problem is which one to choose - maybe I'll have to get the pack!! :D

  2. Oh, am off to have a look. I want to start some journalling and - of course - I need a gorgeous and inspirational notebook to use for it! (Makes all the difference!)

  3. These are gorgeous, I think a lady can never have enough notepads (I have a drawer full of them!)


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