Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 2559 - Grandma's At The Farm, Federal Highway, Collector

Recipes inspired by Grandma's and Grandpa's from around the world.

Yesterday we had a belated birthday celebration with my parents.

Given they're in Goulburn and we're in Canberra, we decided to meet at Collector for lunch at Grandma's At The Farm, which can be found inside the Fedra Olive Grove.

Fedra Olive Grove is located on the Federal Highway at Collector, around 40 minutes north of Canberra and 20 minutes south of Goulburn.  

One could be mistaken to think the name "Fedra" has come from it's location, but it is in fact the name of one the owners, Spiros (Jeff) and Fedra Konstantinou.  

With over 6000 olive trees, the Fedra Olive Grove produces award winning extra virgin olive oil in addition to supplying olives.  It was awarded Australian Olive Grove of the Year in 2009 and since then has won a bunch of other accolades including bronze, silver and gold medals for its products.

Sitting inside the Fedra Olive Grove is Grandma's At The Farm which is part of the GRANDMA'S chain of eateries.

Grandma's At The Farm combines a home style Mediterranean inspired menu with a bakery and shop so that you're not just having a meal, you're enjoying an outing based on the experiences and history of grandma's and grandpa's from all over the world. 

This kitchen/restaurant won the 2001 Best Canberra and Region Tourism Award for Best Restaurant and Catering.   

Their menu is well priced and has a good selection, including an extensive vegetarian component.

Given it's sitting in the heart of the Olive Grove, you don't just get great food and baked goods, you also get to experience the olives and olive oils the Grove is renowned for. 

So if you're travelling on the Federal Highway towards Canberra, make sure you schedule a meal break just before Collector.  It's open for breakfast and lunch from 8.30am to 4.00pm 7 days a week.

If you're based in Canberra or Goulburn, this spot is well worth the drive.

Grandma's At The Farm is dog friendly with outside tables catering to humans and canines.  It can get very windy outside though so check the weather before you take your pooch as he/she may end up getting locked back in the car.  


  1. We always stop here to replenish olive oil...but I never knew that's where the name came from!

  2. I actually thought you were at your Grandparents (or the kids grandparents - ie. your parents) and was in awe at the place!

  3. That's the perfect inbetween spot for you and your parents to get together. I love that country rustic feel. It's fabulous!

  4. This looks like a fabulous place to stop for lunch. I've always been intrigued by the name Collector in the ACT. I wonder where that name came from. We used to drive along this highway every year from Queensland to go to Jindabyne and the ski resorts in this area.


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