Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 2561 - Start each day with a dog

Nothing says "wakey, wakey, rise and shine" like a dog licking your face.

Alfred Winston
Not that I would ever let a dog lick my face mind you, but I can imagine it would be a good call to action if you're prone to sleep-ins.

Dogs need walks.  It's the highlight of their day.  I definitely wouldn't want to be stealing somebody's highlight.

So if you need some motivation to jump out of bed with vim and vigour, then grab yourself a canine, a leash and go suck in some fresh air.  

Alfred Winston and Esmeralda May (with a special appearance by Rupert Pumpkin)

I don't need any motivation to jump out of bed.  But there are days I need motivation to take a morning walk.  Dog smiles are proving fairly motivational.

Start each day with a dog! 


  1. We don't have a dog, but we have a rabbit. I'd like to get a dog one day but they do need a lot of work!

    1. They do! We acquired our dogs recently. We had been enjoying a dog-free life (no doggie responsibilities)but when these guys arrived we embraced them. The kids love them!! Definitely a positive addition.
      I LOVE rabbits. I had a house rabbit before I got married. He died when I was pregnant with my eldest, but he was the best pet ever. That's who inspired "Gizmo" in the Cheer Chick Charlie books. I'd love another rabbit one day.

  2. Cute doggies! We don't have any pets but I'm hoping to convince hubby to get a kitten!

  3. My little rescue dog Lexi runs into my bedroom every morning her wagging tail hitting the side of the bed and eyeballs me until I wake up! On the weekends we tell her to go back to bed so she gives us about an hours more sleep in and then trys again to get us up lol. It is the best feeling every! I just love having a dog :)

    1. They're pretty cool family members. Gotta love a fur baby.

  4. I love my furbabies! we have 2 of them. But I have been walking without them mainly because it is hard enough to get myself going lol. Plus I couldn't take one without the other!

  5. Yep. Love my dog! Cute photos x


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