Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 2562 - Herbal Essences Challenges Us to "Crack the Cap"

Today we chat about shopping etiquette.

Tell me - when you're at the supermarket, do you ever sample the merchandise before you buy?

Ever grab a grape?

Nibble a nut?

Ask to sample the salami?

As I wander around the supermarket I notice that there are all different interpretations of shopping etiquette and I see a few practices that may well blur the lines. From lane hogging, to product sampling, to seizing a newly opened lane from the back of the queue.

What are the rules of shopping etiquette?

New research suggests that the majority of women (89%) aren't sure they know the rules.  Just over half of Aussie women believe it's against health and safety regulations to open lids and smell products before buying and 50% believe testing a grape is considered stealing by law.

This research was compiled by Herbal Essences who wants to find out how many people "crack the cap" on shampoos and conditioners to smell test before buying.

They of course rely heavily on the smell test given their products are designed to appeal to the senses. According to their spokesperson, Eunice Tan:

"... our scents created by some of the world's best perfumers are core to an entire sensorial experience.  Our scents take our customers on an unforgettable journey ..."  

More than 3.8 million women claimed they thought opening and smelling products was against health and safety regulations.

Another 2.8 million have witnessed what they deemed to be bad shopping etiquette in the past three months.

Having said all that, it seems that smelling and tasting products is still deemed important.  So while people think it's "bad", they're secretly wanting to do it.   Over 50% of women are happy to take clothing out of packaging to see if it's the right size, but 41% think breaking open a sealed pack is wrong.

Twenty five percent of women surveyed felt uncomfortable about "cracking the cap" around other people and about 37% were worried others might think they were tampering with the product.

I have to be honest, I'd probably stay clear of a bottle if I'd seen someone else open the lid and stick their nose on it.  But then again, I've probably got a huge stick up my butt.  Perhaps I need to take life by the horns and whoop it up a bit more when I shop.  Grab a grape, nibble a nut and sample the salami. I might even hog the lane a little because life's too short to stay in my lane.  Perhaps instead of letting the person with two items go ahead of me in the queue, I'll say "nah, bugger ya".  Or not.

Whether or not I go ahead with my own personal challenge, Herbal Essences are wanting to challenge us to feel liberated in the supermarket and "crack the cap" before buying shampoo and conditioner to find the right smell for us.  Although they do ask that people "crack the cap responsibly". 

What do you think? Would you "crack the cap"?

What do you deem to be good supermarket etiquette?

Do you sample the merchandise before you buy?

Seen any supermarket no-nos lately?

*   *   *   *   *

Win, Win, Win! 

In celebration of their "crack the cap" challenge Herbal Essences is partnering with Deep Fried Fruit to give away a SURPRISE PACK valued at around $45.00 to one lucky Deep Fried reader.

To enter simply tell me: (1) would you "crack the cap"and (2) if you could create a sensory shampoo what scent would you give it?  

This competition is open to Aussie residents only and ends Friday night 28 October 2016 at midnight.  Please leave enough details so that I can track you down if you win. If the winner does not come forward after three days there will be a redraw.

You can enter via blog comment, Deep Fried Facebook, Twitter @DeepFriedFruit #Crackthecap, Instagram @DeepFriedFruit #Crackthecap or email (leanne at leanne shea langdown dot com).

The competition is a combination of skill and randomness with the 10 best answers going into the hat to randomly select the final winner.

Get cracking! 


I was not paid for this post but I did request a giveaway for my readers.

No shampoo bottles were harmed in the writing of this post.  Hopefully no women were harmed in the survey either.  As for palm oil and current interest in this issue across the blogosphere, I'm not sure where Herbal Essences stands in that regard.  But given I actually thought about that before writing this post means it's clearly now higher on my radar than it was before.  Please be sure to do your own research when it comes to buying supermarket products and the impact their manufacture may have on our environment.


  1. I wouldn't really feel comfortable about cracking open a shampoo bottle lid to sniff the product much as I would love to do so on a brand/product I have not previously tried!

    The other day I saw a young woman spritzing several different deodorants to sniff them! I don't think that should be the done thing either!

    If I could create a sensory shampoo I'd give it a mango and coconut scent!

  2. I am happy to "crack the cap" except when it is breaking a seal. I need to smell a product with scent prior to using it. If I was going to break a seal, I just wouldn't purchase the product, rather sticking to what I know. Coconut and lime would be what I created. Yummy!

  3. I would flip a lid but I wouldn't crack a cap. I will usually whiff shower gel and have been known to discreetly spritz a deodorant to make sure I'm not stuck with something that stinks! I have seen people applying lipstick testers to their actual mouth and eyeliner pencils on their actual eye, horrendous. My sensory shampoo would involve rich food scents like vanilla, chocolate and maybe even caramel!

    1. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! You won the Crack the Cap competition Beth. I'll be in touch to get your address details so that Herbal Essences can send your SURPRISE PRIZE your way.

  4. I haven't cracked the cap but I often wonder about personal products which aren't sealed. I have eaten one grape because I hate getting stung by the sour grapes option when they're on offer!

  5. I have been known to "crack the cap". I figure that if that sucker is not sealed it's fair game.

    As for the sensory shampoo I love, love, love the scent of citrus. I recently had a delicious orange/mandarin cup of tea and would happily apply this fresh, tart, aromatic sensory combination to my head.


  6. Taste the grapes, definitely, given so much fruit is sold too green. Yes I will crack the cap on hair and body products, smell is important and some are awful.

  7. Taste the grapes, definitely, given so much fruit is sold too green. Yes I will crack the cap on hair and body products, smell is important and some are awful.

  8. I would crack the cap if I had created it, so that I could subtly* waft my scent around (I swear I'm not an animal) and influence others to buy. Or maybe if I felt bad about cracking the cap, I'd just take my fluffy, air dried, freshly Herbal Essences washed head to the shops (and maybe my body too) and stick my head towards people in the shampoo aisle.

    So what scent would cause these glamorous actions? Rainforest after a storm. With something floral mixed in.

    *Not so subtly

  9. I never would do it now but I did when I was a kid!

  10. No I don't crack the cap. I thought you weren't allowed! Maybe I should!

  11. I used to do it for Impulse deodorant. Because I was 14. But not since those days.

  12. I wouldn't crack the cap , I would be scared I would get caught lol , but I would love to smell the different shampoos and body products as some I have purchased I haven't liked . I love coconut it's my favourite scent it's so refreshing. I have tried grapes on a supermarket as often grapes can taste sour and o have asked to sample different olives and cheese in the supermarket before purchase

  13. I have cracked the cap many times in the past when I was pregnant, as I had severe morning sickness (it was so bad that I needed to be medicated), and strong scents would make me more nauseous. I would have to avoid a lot of overpowering scents, so I had to smell most of the products before buying.
    And for years I have always tested the scents of toilet sprays before buying.
    I would create a marshmallow scented shampoo as it is such a lovely sweet smell.

  14. I normally don't crack the cap of shampoo or conditioner, but have given deodorants a bit of a spray before I've made a decision.

    I love the smell of coconut for hear products... perhaps with lime or lemongrass!

  15. I would crack the cap to find a scent I love but I never sample the produce. EVER! Someone could have sneezed on those grapes. I want to wash them.

  16. I do crack the cap. And I've heard of people thinking it was a health violation! How funny! I don't sample produce though. It's sold but the weight, so to me that would be stealing. And like Karin said, it needs to washed first anyway!


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