Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Day 2567 - A Deep Fried Update

What's going on in the world of the Deep Fried?

The model daughter at a recent photo shoot for emerging designer, Meredith Bullen
Photo from @_meredithbullen and @Tahlialangdown instagram
Things travel at warp speed around here.  At least they seem to.  Things are happening all the time, yet not a lot seems to change. 

Today's blog post comes from yet another trip to Sydney with the model daughter walking in the UTS end-of-year fashion show for a bunch of emerging designers.  In the last two weeks she's been up to the Big Smoke 6 times on model business.  Lots happening.

As far as the lad is concerned, he's had to ditch one of his soccer opportunities due to scheduling clashes with other soccer commitments.  Which I don't think he's that upset about because soccer 6 times a week would have been way too much for a 12 year old.  Lots happening.

My hubster is gearing up for the Pan Pacific Masters Games in early November.  He'll be playing basketball at this event and looks forward to World's in NZ next year. Since turning 50 he's grabbed fitness by the balls (basketballs) and really pushed himself into the fit and fabulous dimension.  Lots happening. 

The big grown up step-daughter has recently returned from a wedding in Bali and looks refreshed, energised and well.  Wellness being her biggest goal for the next few years.  She's recently had a spate of tests to ensure her body is still fighting fit after the second sarcoma was removed last year.  So far, so good.  Lots happening.

As for me, where do I start?

After sending my new "Flippin' Out" eBook novelette to a dozen kids for their thoughts and getting the big thumbs up I set about publishing it yesterday.  It's the first time I've formatted and ePublished a book myself so it took me quite a few hours to achieve.  Today I load it to the various platforms.  As far as Cheer Chick Charlie is concerned, book nine of the series still awaits the last thousand words.  I wrote it two weeks ago but had to walk away before Chapter 12 was finished.  I will get back to that in the next week as I plan to have it ready for press before Christmas.  Lots happening.

In big bloggy news - in case you missed it Sunday - the Lovin' Life Linky is now moving to Thursdays. 


Well, I now have a Lovin' Life Team of the "ageing positively" kind who are as keen as I am to promote the Lovin' Life mindset across the interwebs.  Thursday was majority choice. Which means there are now six of us you can choose from to share the Lovin' Life love.  How cool is that!

The Lovin' Life Team will include:
 Kathy from 50 Shades of Age 
Lyndall from Seize the Day Project  
Johanna from Lifestyle Fifty
Deb from Debbish and 
Min from Write of the Middle.
and of course, Deep Fried Fruit.

Lots happening.  Not a lot changing. 

Or is it? 

I often feel like it's all go go go without any obvious forward movement, but I guess if we look back at where we were, we can see we've actually come a long way.

Things are changing all the time.  We've just got to sit still for long enough to see it.

What's going on in your world?

Have you got a lot going on?

Will you be joining us on Thursday for the Lovin' Life Linky?

The Lovin' Life Linky goes live every Thursday from 7.30am and will last until dawn on Monday.  To join you can visit me here, or any of the lovely bloggers above as your link will end up on all their pages.  That's right! You get more bang for your buck when you're Lovin' Life.


  1. Love this post Leanne! You guys seem to be non-stop - with some pretty cool and amazing things to be juggling. I hear you about lots going on and not so much changing, but maybe in tiny little ways we will only see later down the track, everything is always changing?

  2. You are one busy lady- I love seeing you follow your passion!

  3. Life is just so busy, but I feel our busy is good busy. Full if you like. Eldest daughter is looking at working OS for 12 months, younger 4 are still all at school. We have taken the summer of sport (hooray!!) and are all looking forward to Christmas holidays.

  4. Oh my gosh your life does sound busy! Come to think of it - mine does too - just in a different way. Really looking forward to Thursday and being part of the Lovin' Life linky team! :-) xo

  5. Well I'm glad I popped online for today otherwise I would have missed the news about Thursday. Sorry to miss you - UTS is 5 mins from me too, so that's a real shame. Sorry! Sorry but def next time.

  6. I was actually recently thinking we were missing a good mid week link up :) Love the idea. Hope to be rejoining once uni is over and I have brain space to blog again.

  7. Yes much happening here as well! Miss 19 has a new job; Mr 22 is in the thick of end of year Uni study; my business is booming (yay) and hubster is also flat out. Currently planning a holiday for my birthday in January as well, can't wait! Also looking forward to joining the linky now it's on a Thursday x

    1. Ooops forgot to say, visiting today from #teamIBOT x

  8. Some amazing things going on in deep fried land and you're wearing it well. I'm gearing up for November which is by far the busiest month of the year around these parts. What with dance rehearsals ramping up for the concert, school activities, the busy period for hubby leading up to Christmas, and of course NaNoWriMo where I'm diving headfirst into rewriting my manuscript. I'll come up for air in December!

  9. So much happening Leanne - for you and the whole family! I'm so accustomed to just having myself to look after I can't remember what life was like when I was young and had stuff on all of the time.

  10. Wow. Lots happening but I suspect you would not like it any other way. I admire your enthusiasm and your energy even though I know there are times you'd love to stop for a while. Yes, I will be joining in the linky but will probably still come by on Sundays until next year when my blogging will be over fewer days each week.

  11. Sounds like you've been very busy. I'll definitely be joining in the links party ��

  12. Wow sounds like you've got a lot going on at the moment. Good luck with finishing the book!

  13. Good luck with the new book. I've been a bit offline the last couple of days (and have specialists appointments tomorrow) but hope to catch up with everything on Friday!


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