Friday, October 28, 2016

Day 2570 - University of Technology Sydney, Fashion #UTSFashion

I love to celebrate creativity.

Some of the models backstage
As reposted on Tahlia Langdown Instagram
(second from right)
Fashion shows are not something I would normally pay to see, but I guess it's a new found love grown from my daughter's modelling career.

It's that time of year where Australia's emerging designers get to show off their wares at the end of year fashion shows from some of Australia's leading design schools.

This wouldn't normally be on my radar but given the model daughter walks for both UTS (University of Technology Sydney) and FDS (Fashion Design Studio) I get a bit of insight into the work these students put into their final year collections.

So many of Australia's most successful national and international designers came from these Sydney based schools.

UTS was held on Tuesday night over three shows. I was lucky to score a ticket to Show A which was jam packed.

UTS is quite different to FDS in that it is very "out there".  The clothes can be bold, eccentric, loud and deemed a tad "unwearable" in everyday life.  I like to think of it as walking art.

The creativity, the care, the work, the sourcing and the artistry of these collections is really quite inspiring.

If you dive deeper into the stories behind their collections their art becomes even more appealing.

I love to celebrate that kind of unabashed creativity.

Tahlia modelling the ADAPT line for Meredith Bullen Look Book as seen on @__Meredithbullen Instagram

I'm looking forward to seeing FDS in a few weeks time.

If you feel like seeing some art dressed up as fashion, grab a cuppa (or champagne, depending what time of day it is) and check out just a few of the emerging designers coming out of UTS this year.

This was not the show I saw, but you get the idea.  See if you can spot my daughter in the process.

Have a great day! 

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  1. Whoot whoot. Keep me posted on the next one - I'm might try to come (We can be the Kardashians up the front in our dark glasses)

    1. LOL! Sounds perfect. It turns out I may not make the next one due to work and medical commitments. I need to do some massive diary rejuggling! But the moment I know I'll let you know and we can book our tickets. Last year it was at Carriage Works - not sure where it will be this year.

  2. She can really strut her stuff!

    1. Yeah, she's got a good walk. She manages it quite naturally.

  3. I love these shows that really get the creativity kicking!

  4. How cool are these outfits. Goodness she really does have a great walk! xoxo

  5. This looks like fun! I always thought it would be interesting to go to a fashion show!

  6. Darn if only Sydney wasn't so far away. Will have to keep my ear to the ground to see if there is anything similar here in Bris-Vegas.


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