Saturday, October 29, 2016

Day 2571 - Flippin' Out: The Cat Burglar (Starring Stunt Boy Ben)

Do cheerleaders have super powers?

Hang loose dude

I strongly believe they do. I mean, anyone who can throw their body around like that and lift people their own size must surely be super human, right?

When writing the Cheer Chick Charlie books I developed a couple of male characters that I thought might have their own spin-off series one day.

To be honest I thought it would be Charlie's brother William, who is a young kid who lives in a fantasy land where colanders are helmets, spatulas are swords and tea-towels are super hero capes. He's the kind of kid that can spend a day in the backyard and return exhausted after his imaginary adventures.

It turns out it was Stunt Boy Ben who was more popular with my Charlie readers (probably because he's closer to their age) and it was Ben that the parents were requesting as my next series.  Why? To nurture their boys through their sports that were not mainstream Aussie boy activities.

Stunt Boy Ben is a cheerleader with mad tumbling and flippin' skills.  He's also a swimmer, basketballer and motorbike rider.

Ben used to get teased for being a cheerleader until he started using his cheer skills as superpowers.

I've written two books in the Flippin' Out series starring Stunt Boy Ben.  Both are eBooks and I would like both of them to be free, however Amazon doesn't seem to agree with me.  They are insisting that all books need to be a minimum of $2.99 USD.  I'm trying to find a way around that.

Why give them away for free?

Well for two reasons.  (1) I would like kids to have access to reading without the burden of cost and (2) I guess it's a great way to advertise myself as an author and perhaps there will be a flow to Cheer Chick Charlie in the process.

When I wrote the first book in the Flippin' Out series it was as a freebie to give people who sign up to the Cheer Chick Charlie Fan club.  Flippin' Out: The Raging River (Starring Stunt Boy Ben) follows Ben and his friends on a riverside adventure where they are challenged by a flat tyre, an approaching storm and a very cranky cockatoo.  Ben is able to run, tumble, leap and climb to get them all to safety. Including the cockatoo!

The second book was more about engaging my readers during my writing process. Flippin' Out: The Cat Burglar (Starring Stunt Boy Ben) started with a round table discussion at the Cheer Chick Charlie planning day with the Cheer Chicks.  The book included some of their ideas and then I passed it via my "subject matter expert" who is a Ben aged boy who also just happens to have mad tumbling and flippin' skills.  From there I put a call out on social media for cheer dudes and stunt boys who might like to review it for me before I published it.

I was delighted to have a bunch of children scrambling to get their hands on the book before it went to press.  Of course they are now acknowledged for their fabulous feedback.

I'm excited to say that Flippin' Out: The Cat Burglar (Starring Stunt Boy Ben) was published in eBook format yesterday and sent to the Cheer Chick Charlie Fan Club members last night.

It will be available on Amazon later today for $2.99 USD ($3.99 AUD) and all other platforms hopefully by the end of next week. To be honest I'm finding this whole ePublishing thing a tad frustrating. But that's a story for another day. 

If you're not a member of the Cheer Chick Charlie Fan Club yet, then you can sign up here (and get your own Flippin' Out: The Raging River book in the process.)

If you'd like a free copy of my latest Flippin' Out book, then simply cruise my sidebar until you find it.  I'm nice like that.

So that was the big goal I scored this week.

What about you?

Did you finish your week on a win? 


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