Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 2572 - The Power of Collaboration

If two minds are better than one, imagine how powerful nine could be.

Em, Bel, Jordan, Hannah, Rory, Leanne and Indie
(Missing from this photo: Tahlia and Ciara)

I've got a new project in the works.  It's another product I'm creating for children.  Once again I'm trying to create something that not only entertains but also inspires.

It's a pretty big project and one that I definitely can't do alone.

As the end of year approaches there is a very big part of me that is saying "what was I thinking?!" but then there's also the part that says "no regrets", so with the help of my crew we're grabbing this new project by the horns and running with it.

To start a project of this size I need collaboration. I need to know that it will have the support not just of my family and my contributors, but also like-minded businesses who will embrace the new product and help push it to the masses.

I've decided with this one to get children involved.  The Cheer Chicks and Stunt Boy Rory are very much a part of this new project. My idea is to create something for kids by kids.  They're obviously at the older end of the kid scale, but that's even more perfect because it's about inspiring younger children to be the best that they can which requires role models.

And what amazing role models they are.

Not only do they all share the values that underpin the Cheer Chick Charlie book series (enthusiasm, encouragement, commitment, spirit, belief and support) but they are also extremely talented people who have achieved amazing results.

Jordan, Hannah, Rory, Emily and India (as well as Tahlia and Ciara who are missing from the pic) are all National Champions in the world of schools based cheerleading in Australia.  Each of them for different reasons and each of them possessing different skills.

Coach Belinda has been instrumental in their results.

So today I am reflecting on how lucky I am to have scored such an amazing team of individuals who embody and support my ideas.

I'm not ready to tell you what the new project is yet, but rest assured it's an entirely new product that is way out of my area of expertise and comfort zone and one which will be run separately to the Cheer Chick Charlie brand.

My mind has turned to mush just thinking about it.

Thank goodness we're not just relying on my mind! Nine minds are definitely better than one.

How's your mind?

Got any new projects your working on?

Are you in "what the hell was I thinking" mode?

*   *   *   *   *

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  1. Wow. Leanne, you are on a roll....of much change too! Love your enthusiasm and your attitude. Whatever it is, I wish you well. I am making changes too! Wrote a little about it today (linked up for your Thursday link up). Cheers (to the leader!!) Denyse xx

  2. I love that you're so motivated and have so many great ideas. I struggle on both fronts!

  3. Haha yes I do have those moments but sometimes you just got go for it! Can't wait to hear more about it ...


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