Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 2574 - How the heck did Halloween become so much a part of Australia?

The streets were packed with super heroes, princesses, ghouls, ghosts, witches ... and a big arse dinosaur.

I fought it for as long as possible but in recent years I've had to give in to the kids demands to celebrate Halloween.

It's not that I have anything against Halloween.  I love the idea of participating in it when we visit the USA. I just feel as though we've got our own holidays and traditions and that we're stealing theirs. I mean, wouldn't it be weird if America started celebrating Melbourne Cup en masse?

Last night we decided the go "trick or treating".  It was a tad spur of the moment although the seed had been planted a week or so ago.

Two of our nearby suburbs were in a friendly competition to see who could create the best Halloween experience.  Crace, which is next door to us, had 91 houses registered on the "must visit" list.

So the model daughter turned the lad into Heath Ledger's The Joker and then created some sort of Day of the Dead outfit for herself and we bundled up Princess Lola and hit the streets.

There were people everywhere!

I was shocked (pleasantly so) at how busy these quiet suburban streets were.

I loved that it was parents and kids all out together.  All of them out on a school night and all of them having gone to some sort of effort.

To me it wasn't so much about Halloween but more about a sense of community.

Did I have a basket of lollies waiting at my own front door?

Yes, I even put a pumpkin on the letterbox and a spiderweb on my door to show that we were in the Halloween spirit.

Did I get dressed up?

Yes, although some may suggest I just went as myself.

Would I do it again next year?

Hell yeah!  In fact, I'm looking forward to it. This kind of thing is what keeps you young at heart.

Thank you to our northern hemisphere friends for sharing this festivity with us Down Under.  I'm happy to return the favour and share the Melbourne Cup.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Happy Melbourne Cup!

Did you celebrate Halloween yesterday?

Are you for or against Halloween in Australia?    

Who's getting dressed in their Melbourne Cup finery today?

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PS To find out about my Melbourne Cup plans, click here.
PPS If you're in North Canberra then Crace and Forde are the places to visit on Halloween.


  1. Love your outfit. My girls normally do something with their friends each year and I play a little game of pretending no one is home because I'm usually racing to meet end of month deadlines. This year, the girls are knee deep in final exams (yr 9, 11 & 12) and they opted to stay home and study.

  2. I LOVE it. I usually have a huge party - for adults and kids. Or if on the weekend, just for adults. Our house transforms completely. For me it's all the good things of xmas without the bad things. This year we just went trickotreating because of the move....:(

    1. For the record, I love it more than my kids do....

  3. I love the idea of getting to know our community and the kids practising manners and confidence. Those are my two big Halloween winners.

  4. I took the girls for the first time last night. It was a little unexpected because I hadn't planned to do so. A friend from school invited us the next street over to come by and we stopped at a few houses along the way. The girls loved it. I will definitely dress up next year.

  5. It's one of kids birthday on Halloween so every year we head out to trick or treat. I haven't heard of the register for houses but I love that idea.

  6. It was something I never really got into - it was never a thing when I was growing up in the UK, but I've become totally into it since our recent trip to the States. It is such a big deal over there and Halloween fever is totally infectious! That said, we live in a security building so there's no trick or treating here but I love the way it brings the community together, the candy and gives everyone a great excuse to party! Looks like you guys aced it!

  7. I used to resist Halloween as well but last night I enjoyed it. My youngest went out trick or treating and my twins loved answering the door to the hoardes of young kids all dressed up. I think they enjoyed giving out the lollies as much as the younger kids enjoyed receiving them! There was a real sense of community in our suburb.

  8. We love Halloween and had a ball trick or treating. The naysayers are entitled to their belief but they are missing out on a fun, community night. I don't do Melbourne cup as I'm opposed to horse racing- an industry that does far more harm than Halloween IMO.

  9. I resisted it years ago but caved a bit when the kids were little - particularly enjoying taking them to our suburb's Halloween Street Party which has grown to be HUGE these days. I have nothing against it. There is so much horror in the world these days so I am all for creating a sense of community, fun and joy! :-)

  10. This is the first year I have given in. My daughter carved a pumpkin that we put candles in and had out by the front door, and we had lollies for the trick or treaters. Our kids loved having them come. I'm still not at allowing mine to go though, so a big lollie bag had to do the trick.

  11. No I do not love it. I have an old fashioned view of it and I see no relevance in our culture. However, I see in some communities that it is well-done and as you have pointed out, people seem to like getting together for it. I have never been someone who likes scary or dress ups. I still do keep a few lollies for anyone who might visit but I hope they don't. I do wish, if it is going to continue that there was a system where houses (such as ours) are not participating, that there would be no door knocking. We are often early to go to bed and we have been made to come to the door and I find that annoying. My elderly dad had no idea of trick or treat some years back and when he answered the door he said 'trick' and was sprayed in the face with a water pistol. So, no, I don't think we "need" it as a tradition and when I was still teaching we did not have anything to do with it. These days things have moved on. Bit of a rant, but you did ask! Denyse #teamIBOT

  12. I know Halloween is an American tradition, but my girls used to love dressing up and collecting a stash of yumminess. I had a lantern glowing at the front door and a big bowl of lollipops ready and waiting and it was great to see the neighbours getting involved too. xx N

  13. So much fun! I am slowly warming to Halloween. It's the community spirit side of it I love. One of my favourite things each year is the US news stories about what people over there are doing to help very ill children and premature babies still be able to celebrate in hospital. I always get a bit teary seeing all the effort and love poured into projects like this even though I'm not a fan of the celebration itself.

    SSG xxx

  14. We took the kids trick or treating a couple of times before they outgrew it, they loved it. We always have a bowl of lollies but do you know, we have not had one trick or treater since we moved here 7 years ago. We used to get stacks at our last house! Oh well more lollies for me LOL ...

  15. I LOVE it! Was lucky enough to experience it in the States one year and am loving seeing it grow in popularity here. The thing about it in the States is that everyone is aware of the protocol. Porch light on = trick or treaters welcome. No light, no knock. It's a fun community event that gets people together to have fun and dress up. We decorate our place, dress up and put some spooky music on loop out the front. You could argue that the tradition has no relevance to us here in Australia but I would say the same applies for Christmas and Easter for non religious people like myself and we still get into that. It also bugs me when people say they don't like it as "it's American culture being forced on us" . . . 1) it's actually European in origin and 2) this is usually spouted on Facebook from an iPhone so, you know, #choices.


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