Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 2575 - Is Melbourne Cup falling to pieces?

The post race blues ...

Today I was going to give you a whole bunch of photos of our day at the races for this Wordless Wednesday.

But instead I only give you pieces of my pictures (and way too many words).


Well, I'm feeling odd about it all.

We had a great day.  All of us in our race day finery.  But each year the taste of Melbourne Cup becomes just a little more sour.  Or that might just be the 3 cans of Smirnoff UDL I consumed yesterday.  

We get in our gear.

We sit in the stands.

We have a few drinks.

We place a few bets.

We take a bunch of selfies.

We show the kids the exact spot where we first met.

We watch fashions on the field.

We judge people for getting all frocked up and then falling over drunk.

We teach the kids how ugly and embarrassing getting frocked up and falling over drunk can be.

We lose a bunch of money picking horses that come last.

We head home.

And I google whether or not any horses died that day as a result of our pastime.

I know that sounds incredibly morbid, but my values are in conflict.  On the one hand I'm proud of our Australian traditions but on the other hand I'm becoming more aware of the ugly side of the industry.

As a family of animal advocates (we won't even kill a spider) it's starting to weigh on my conscience.

Is my Melbourne Cup tradition falling to pieces?

Or do I just have the post race blues?

In related news, I really do have a sour taste in my mouth from that whole vodka-in-a-can thing. 


  1. I think you see things differently as you evolve, and maybe you're having a crises of conscience. I think we were taught by our parents to think one thing (because it was perfectly acceptable then) but times change, and if we are smart people, we question things or think about them for ourselves. I love Melbourne cup but there's really no reason why - I don't go to the races any other time...I can't help you but I think that's what's going on in your head...

  2. We only bet on the horses once or twice a year. Melbourne Cup is one of those times. I'm usually lucky enough to score an invite somewhere, where we watch the race on the big screen. Would love to do Melbourne one year and just try not to think about how they whip the horses. I suspect apart from the racing side of things and the possibility of being hurt and injured, the horses are treated rather well.

  3. It's not anything other than you are continuing to evolve as a human! I've learned much these last few years about that. We evolve and grow. So, what seemed like a great idea for ages, can change over time because we do. Life's rich journey!

  4. I know what you mean, it's like we are now being confronted every time certain events or holidays come up and it takes away from what we have historically associated with good times, like this and Australia Day. I don't have an answer for you either and god forbid we trot out that mummy group platitude "know better, do better" but I do wish there was a way we could somehow reconcile the issues and enjoy traditions inclusively without anyone or anything being hurt, offended or discriminated against.

  5. Yup, I noticed the winner's mouth foaming and the bit looked painful at the end of the race. Plus, I think it's really awful to see so many intoxicated people looking so bedraggled at the end of the day after starting out so fresh in their finery. I hate how alcohol has given our society a reputation for being a bunch of yobbos.

  6. I used to think I was the only one that had thoughts like this. I believe that as we evolve our passions become habits? Maybe we just out grow things too?

  7. I love the frippery of frocks and hats and bow ties and champagne but I can't watch such amazing animals be beaten so someone can win some money. In most cases, lose a tonne of money.


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