Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 2577 - A health update from a middle aged, Deep Fried, fibromyalgia chick

So how'd those medical tests go?

This photo taken by my son yesterday as we admired our blue sky day.

Well now that the weather is turning the ridiculously loooong winter into something that actually resembles spring, I'm definitely on the improve.

The fibromyalgia pain is starting to ease, which means my headaches are also less frequent and I'm managing to wean myself off the painkillers.

The blue skies and warmer air are playing a big role in this improvement. Rain clouds, frosty temps and low pressure systems are not my friends.

As far as health and fitness is concerned, you'll certainly start to see healthy food photos in my Instagram feed again as I ditch the sugar and carbs for a leaner, greener and fresher approach to life.

In regards to my recent medical tests, the reports are in.

My nuclear medicine whole body scan which included dynamic and blood pool images, whole body sweeps, high count planar images and a SPECT/low dose CT from the skull base to T11, came back "not suggestive of an inflammatory poly-arthropathy".  While there is mild arthritis in my feet, knees and hands, uptake elsewhere was deemed "unremarkable".

Sounds all very scientific and a tad intelligent.  Feel free to believe that I actually know what I'm talking about.  Really it's just a whole lot of fancy jargon which I've copied straight from the medical report.

I also had a bunch of blood tests to rule out such things as thyroid issues, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, seronegative arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, anterior uveitis, iritis, psoriatic arthritis, Reiter's syndrome and Chrohn's disease.  All came back clear.

So basically what all this means is we've confirmed yet again that I do in fact have fibromyalgia.

No shit Sherlock.

Just another reminder that knowledge is power (particularly when it comes to ageing positively).

How's the warmer weather treating you?

Had any medical tests lately?

What's dominating your Instagram feed?

Had a "no shit Sherlock" moment recently?

Have a great day everyone.  Hope it's Fabulous! 

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  1. I imagine having fibromyalgia is no picnic. So pleased to hear you're on the improve with the warmer weather though. Having medical tests can be tedious and expensive, but at least you didn't get any bad news from them. I recently had a long serious of test for a lump in my breast, but now have the all clear, which is great. I'm about $1200 out of pocket, but at least I have peace of mind! Take care :)

  2. Frustrating and a relief at the same time I imagine! But - like Lyndall - I hope the improving weather continues to help.

  3. It's so nice to have some sun back!! Trying to soak it up before it goes away again!

  4. I've never heard of half of those medical conditions! I am amazed at what you achieve and your positive attitude despite having fibro as I'm sure it must be debilitating at times. I have frequent "No shit Sherlock" moments when watching the news, and they talk about some new research or study that says something brilliant that we all knew anyway .... what a waste of money. If only the money was spent on actually addressing whatever the actual issue is!

  5. A relief to know that nasties are not there. And as you know, fibro doesn't have specific tests for it but you know what makes you feel unwell.. weather & more contribute so appreciating this season finally getting its act together must help give you a SPRING in your step!

  6. Sending more warmth your way. I so need to ditch the carbs...again...yet I feel too tired to do it. On the other hand, I'm too tired not to do it. Maybe when I'm back from Milford. Maybe.

  7. My mum has lupus and it's horrible so I'm pleased you haven't got that! I really believe knowledge is power when it comes to health issues. Looking forward to checking out your IG feed. Have you heard of Tania Hubbard? She's a healthy food advocate, a chef and she had fibromyalgia and ate her way back to health - I heard her speak a few years ago and she was amazing and I also tasted some of her food which was super yum! You might want to check her out!

  8. That's some good news! (I think) I mean I guess you already knew about the fibromyalgia so you can't have the same bad news twice. I love the wording they use on those medical results sheets. "Unremarkable" is a good one. I had to explain an injury to a GP once over email here, and just typed out a couple of sentences from the report. She had no clue what it meant.
    Best of luck for more pain relief as summer rolls on!

  9. I know everyone is saying great news but I also know what it's like to have a barrage of tests, hoping for some real answers, as well as hoping that it might be something that is actually treatable. Does ruling things out mean anything positive in terms of how you are treating the fibromyalgia?

  10. Argh, that all sounds way too complicated, but I'm glad you were cleared of everything (even though there is still the fibro :( I have been enjoying the blue skies too, although I could certainly do without the 34 degree heat we had today, and the 35 it's meant to be tomorrow. 4 weeks of spring is not enough, summer really needs to wait her turn!

  11. We've been entertaining summer for a couple of months here in Queensland - no matter how long I live here I just can't get enthusiastic for it.

    (thanks for linking u to #thisparentinglife)


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