Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 2579 - I've packed up the kids and their fur friends and headed to the beach

Aussie dogs are beach dogs

After a fairly good week of kicking goals. followed by a Saturday morning of commitments, I bundled up the kids and their fur friends for an afternoon at the beach.

The canines were definitely the stars on this occasion.  So much so, that they now have their own Instagram accounts!

Crazy, but true.

Find Esmeralda at @pugesmeraldamay  and Alfred at @alfredwinstonthefirst.  If you're on Insta, we'd love for you to give them some puppy love.

Have a great Sunday! 

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  1. The dogs just love the beach don't they look how happy they are! My furbaby Lexis is going to love this new years getaway as we're taking her on a beach holiday :)


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