Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 2580 - A story about lemon trees, trolls and rose gardens (which may or may not be a great idea for a fairy tale)

Can you see the flowers that surround you? 

Today I was going to give you a very poetic post about how even a garden with just a handful of flowers can bring great joy.  I was going to compare the flowers to friends and talk about the whole "less can be more" and "let's open our eyes to the beauty around us" thing.

Then I was going to throw in a few paragraphs about how we can find flowers anywhere if we look hard enough.  In a desert, on a mountain, beside a highway, even in the cracks of the pavement in a cement jungle.  It was going to be a post about recognising what was right in front of us instead of continually ignoring the beauty as we step over the daisies in the cracks.

I told you it was poetic.

Then something random, yet completely related happened.

Last night I got tagged in a virtual bunch of roses via Instagram which a fellow blogger had picked from her garden.

She's had a rough few days, weeks, months with her health, the health of her family and via some online challenges.

The flowers were sent to a bunch of us (pun intended) in a gesture of kindness.

Over the last week she's been dealing with some very sour lemons.  And by lemons I mean trolls.

Of course she could have grabbed those lemons and made lemonade, but that would have taken a shitload of sugar.  Instead she went to her garden and picked flowers and went down that whole other metaphorical path of taking the time to smell the roses instead.

Then she shared them.

Which now totally relates to the first post I was going to write suggesting it only takes a couple of flowers to add beauty to our lives.

Despite the trolls living in the shadows under their bridges, watering their lemon trees, there are still roses bordering the banks of the river.

Roses that add colour, fragrance and beauty to our lives.  Roses that we can share with our friends.

It's not about how full our garden is, nor is it about the trolls who live in the shadows pegging lemons as people pass by, it's about recognising there is beauty in this world if we stop for long enough to see it.  What's even better is when we share that beauty with each other.

When was the last time you gave flowers?

Any trolls living under your bridge?  

How many metaphors did I massacre in writing this post? 

Let's share some flowers this week. 

This post was inspired by Raychael at Agent Mystery Case who (as it turns out) does actually have a lemon tree and is turning those lemons into both lemonade and into lemon curd.  It was also inspired by the prompt given by Denyse for her regular Monday "Life This Week" linky.  


  1. What a way to start my online day, with this gorgeous post. You've certainly put a smile on my face and set the tone for what I know now will be a wonderful start to the week. A week where I'm determined to sprinkle kindness here, there and well basically everywhere.

  2. What a lovely post (and what a lovely idea of Mystery Case!). I don't think I've given flowers for awhile...maybe I should!

  3. Great to see a positive spin on a nasty situation Leanne. You're very good at that! :) Flowers, even virtual ones, are great at lifting the spirits. Enjoy your week!

  4. I got tagged in the roses post too and thought they (and the sentiment) was lovely. I was having a bad day yesterday and so appreciated it very much. I've given my mum flowers but I can't think of anyone else in recent times.... Last year when my friend's (then 4yr old) fractured his arm I took some flowers over, explaining to him that's what you do when someone is unwell etc.. However, because he was four I also took a bag of fairy floss. I think the latter was the winner!

  5. Great post and I loved how you wove that story...good one!! Thanks for linking up and the prompt giving you some ideas that went down a path of your choosing. Next week's is does that grab you!! Denyse x

  6. My rose garden is full and I say if you're going to hand me lemon, it had better come with either a shot of tequila or maybe some Texas sweet tea!

  7. I think you could have massacred a few more metaphors! :) But there really is beauty everywhere. The hard part is training yourself to see it when things aren't as bright.

  8. Such a lovely gesture to offer support with this post. X

  9. This is lovely, and a great way to outnumber those horrid trolls x Flowers always make me feel better, what a blessing to have great support from your friends too.

  10. I love this post! I'm Off now to think about where I can share some flowers of my own!

  11. I picked a rose from my garden and gave it to a Chinese exchange student who came over with her host family for dinner a month or so ago :-) . She didn't speak much English but we bonded over our shared love of cats (I have 2)!

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