Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 2584 - forget Christmas shopping, I haven't started my Christmas selling yet!

I haven't started my Christmas advertising ...

It's no surprise that the end of the year is creeping up on us and I'm starting to panic.  My deadlines have either wooshed past me or they're standing in front of me staring me in the face.

As some people start to panic about the whole Christmas shopping thing I'm panicking more about the Christmas advertising.

If people aren't aware that Cheer Chick Charlie exists, then how do I expect them to buy it for their kids for Christmas?

Part of my responsibility as an author (and as a publisher) is to promote the books to increase traffic to book shops and to my online store.

I haven't done that yet!

Shit, shit, shit.

I did go out and buy lovely little Charlie-esque Christmas tree decorations as well as some bon-bons to include in the gift packs I'll be creating.

I also got delivered two boxes of Cheer Chick Charlie cups which were mistakenly made with red handles and red inner (they're supposed to be all white).

While this originally made me say "shit shit shit" a few more times, I decided that perhaps I could turn this into an opportunity to give a away a free "Christmas mug" with every set of books sold.

The supplier is now sending me a new set of mugs, so this set is basically a bonus.  What better way to deal with it than to pass that bonus on to the customers.

But again, there is no point in me having this stuff sitting there waiting to add to my orders, if there aren't going to be any orders.

Let's roll out the swear words one more time ...

Shit, shit, shit!

So there you have it.  That's me hyperventilating this morning about making the most out of other people's shopping lists.

As I sit and write this post complaining about the fact I've done nothing yet, I did pause for 15 minutes to do something.

Here's one of the packs I've put together as a Cheer Chick Charlie Christmas special.  All eight books in the series, plus matching postcards and wristbands, free Christmas cup, tree decoration and bon bon.  How does that sound?

Click the pic to buy your Cheer Chick Charlie Christmas book bundle today

Are you a small business getting ready for Christmas?

What end of year deadlines do you have?

Started your Christmas shopping yet?

Said shit, shit, shit much lately?

Thanks for the prompt Lydia C Lee.  Check out more Christmas posts at Where the Wild Things Were. 

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  1. That does sound pretty fabulous for the young readers and cheer chickies!

    1. I hope so! Definitely photographs well. LOL. Which is important ...

  2. I haven't even thought about gifts yet, much less bought any! The gift packs look cracking! Remember, it's only November!

    1. The year before last November was my hugest month in the online store. It seems there are a lot of organised people when it comes to online. Which is why I was freaking out. I don't want to miss out on the peak period! Eeeeeeek.

  3. I say shit all the time :) We generally do a family secret santa, so there's not much to shop for.

    1. Do you find there is a lot of pressure on that one gift? Given it's the ONLY gift they're getting, that you have to nail it?

  4. I ventured to the shops for the first time, in a long time yesterday. It really is beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas and I may have muttered shit, shit, shit, to myself as I browsed. Just not organised this year and seriously contemplating asking the family if we could just not do Christmas this year. Hubby leaves for sea soon. 2 month stint. Home briefly over Christmas and I'm thinking it would be nice to just relax.

    1. I'm having around 22-24 people at home for Christmas lunch this year. I'm actually delighted. May not feel that way two hours before they arrive, but right now I'm happy to be hosting. But I can see why you'd like to ditch it ...
      Can you book a restaurant and eat your Christmas lunch out?

  5. If only I knew somebody to buy your awesome books for! I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet ... thankfully I don't need to worry about Christmas advertising ...

    1. I finally got my advertising started. I'm nearly there! Watch this space ...


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