Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 2585 - Surf's up? The let's go, #noregrets edition

That's the beauty of daylight saving. 

Today was a great day.  It started with a visit to the dog beach where the pooches had their swim before the rest of the world awoke.

Then we spent a lazy morning on our devices, contemplated the improvements we could make to the beach house, did some shopping and ate the mandatory Saturday hot chook and bread roll lunch.

Once the sun finally cracked through the cloudy sky we trundled off to the beach where I kept one eye on my book and the other eye on my surfer.

It was choppy.  Not good for surfboards but alright for splashing about.

Then it was time to meet the in-laws for a cuppa before heading back to dog beach with the pooches for another run.

At 6pm as we cruised past the surfing beach on the way back home, our lad said "the waves are the best they've been all day!"

Then let's do it.  Let's drop off the dogs and head back to the waves.

"Isn't it too late?"

It's never too late.


That's the beauty of daylight saving.  

Happy Saturday! 


  1. How I love daylight savings for this reason. We live about 20 minutes away from the beach but DLS means we can pop down after work or in the cooler part of the day and still get enough light in for a decent swim. And, you know, fish and chips.

    1. Of course! Can't forget the fish and chips. We didn't do that this trip. But we had fish and chips on the beach the weekend before. So lovely that you live that close to the beach. It probably doesn't feel "close" to you but for us who have to travel 2 hours, it's close!


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