Saturday, November 19, 2016

Day 2592 - Happy Saturday!

What does Saturday look like to you?
I'm quite liking the HEMNES Wash-stand with 2 drawers, white for $449 from IKEA
For me it's an early start to get my boy to soccer academy, then it's filled with washing, blog reading, Facebook advertising, emails and buying stuff to start my minor bathroom renovations.

What does Saturday look like to you? 


  1. Well, I've been surprisingly productive today and it's only 9am here. I was up early to finish a blog post, then did some washing and went 'into town' to do my grocery shopping as Woolies opened at 8am. I've got a couple of friends coming over tonight and they're actually coming for dinner! I haven't really been cooking much post-surgery and the stuff I used to cook isn't really an option any more... so gathered ingredients for a simple pasta (bacon and chorizo) dish... and some nibbles and chockies of course.

    As I was awake much of the night I suspect I'll need a sleep at some point, do a tidy before entertaining later and draft a couple of posts for next week.

  2. Sleeping in ... washing ... a trip to the library ... taking some photos for the blog ... an afternoon nap ... mowing the lawn ... watching a movie with the hubster. A quiet one, but gosh I love days like this!


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