Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 2593 - Let the bathroom renovation begin ...

Enter, Leanne the Labourer!

After a day of shopping (where I did not end up getting the vanity I had originally planned) I am now in full Bob the Builder Leanne the Labourer mode, with my maxi dress tucked up into the leg-holes of my nickers, my hair in a top knot, my very serious building slippers on and my scowling concentration face firmly in place.

Yesterday with my parents help I bought new shower taps, a basin mixer, towel racks, soap holder and all the other bits and bobs I needed to refresh our ensuite.

Derek's not all that interested in the overhaul because he thinks our bathroom is just fine as it is.  If by "fine" you mean 20 years out of date with the taps falling off and the cupboard doors peeling, then sure. But I feel the need to give it a spruce up, so I've decided to do it alone.

This morning the model daughter and I took another trip to IKEA to get the last few bits and pieces to really take it to the next level.  Stuff like a whole new set of towels, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and mirror.

This arvo I set about taking all the old fixings off the walls (towel rack*, toilet roll holder, soap holder) and determined where the new holes need to be drilled.

I also changed our toilet seat and right now I'm staring at a drill and wondering how on Earth I can drill new holes without cracking the tiles in the process.  This may be where I haul the husband into the mix and strongly encourage him to assist.

Anyway, it's well underway and by the time the new vanity arrives (currently on order) and I get the plumber in to do the new taps, I should be ready to give you the big reveal!

Wish me luck.

How did you spend your Sunday?

Any other Bob the Builders out there?  

*One side of the towel rack is determined to stay fixed to the wall.  No amount of strength, coaxing nor swearing can encourage it to let go.  As a result there has been a lot of standing around staring at the wall ... 


  1. I am inspired! I have been meaning to see to our toilet seats, impressed you changed your own.
    SSG xxx

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