Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 2595 - What do you look for in your mobile office?

Another week, another work space.

Making the best of my office space

When you travel like we do you get used to having to create an office in all sorts of nooks and crannies.  Depending on how much travel there's been and what's available to us, we can go from 5 star to no star police tape at any given time.

This week's office comes courtesy of a teeny tiny hotel room at an IBIS Budget in the streets of almost-inner Sydney.

I don't travel light.  In my head I have a lovely light laptop that fits neatly in a handbag and weighs a gram. The reality is I have a big old laptop that has zero battery life, shuts down if you touch it, requires an external keyboard and mouse, and requires a suitcase to cart it around.

Let's just say the IBIS desk would better suit an iPad than my dinosaur set up.

Anyway, it's working for me and I'm growing to love this week's home away from home.

When I'm searching for an office nook I look for:

  • Access to power
  • Two power points for laptop and phone charging
  • Free WiFi
  • Enough space for my screen and keyboard
  • A nearby toilet
  • Food
  • Water
  • A window to stare out of as I gather my thoughts (preferably with something worth looking at)
I type this as I stare at a KFC and watch the steady flow of cars drive down the Princes Highway. 

I hear the planes soar overhead as they take their passengers to exotic destinations.  

Sunrise is on TV in the background so we can watch the lovely Isaiah interviewed after his X Factor win last night. 

I sip my green tea and think about making a Vita-Weat and cream cheese for breakfast.  I try not to think about the McDonalds sitting at the other side of the hotel with hotcakes calling my name.  

Our budget accommodation for this week

What is your view right now?

What do you look for in a mobile office?

Do you have a lovely little laptop or a clunky old set up like me?

Ever stayed at the IBIS? 


  1. I have a big clunky Note Book. It runs out of battery in 10 mins. I'm fearing the day it dies. Eeek.

  2. I'm a bit of a homebody and don't often require a mobile office but as long as I have a power point and some coffee, I'm good to go! The best mobile office I've had was our AirBnB in Vancouver, I was looking out of floor to ceiling windows over downtown Vancouver! Hope you have a great week in Sydney. Your digs look small but perfectly formed, I hope there's good air con, it's been scorching!

  3. I just need my laptop and a a notepad/pen. Space is not something I need much of but then I don't travel like you.

  4. My view right now is out onto our yard. We're halfway through, well, not quite, almost halfway through our huge landscaping project. The fence separating the yard and our paddock is up, the ugly shed gone and garden beds planned out. Still a long way to go.
    If I'm working out of the house I don't need much; laptop, pen, notebook, power. But it's not often I work out on the go.

  5. I am half asleep, gazing at my outdated iPad and drinking coffee with cream. My view is a kids tv show!

  6. I've never been one to work at cafes or the like. I tried to go to the library once upon a time but it really didn't work. I love the idea of taking my laptop elsewhere though.

    I'd need my laptop and wifi and perhaps some vanilla diet coke!

  7. My laptop is being a drama queen a lot lately and overheating and being a pain in the ass! It now only works plugged in. I seriously need a home office! #TeamIBOT

  8. I just stayed at an Ibis Budget for the first time last weekend at Sydney airport as we had to catch the first flight home in the morning and I was actually pleasantly surprised considering how little we paid for the night by Sydney standards.

  9. I have a laptop, and I love being able to take it anywhere with me.

  10. We went to Mackay to visit family for a week a couple of years ago - but I still had work that needed to be done so packed my laptop etc. We stayed in an old farmhouse owned by the rellies and I will always remember sitting at the dining table, looking out the windows at the paddock while the cows stared back at me! They came right up to the house - it was so cool!!!

  11. My current view is staring into darkness as I sit at the end of my sons bed as he goes to sleep. I love my macbook pro {strokes his fine edge}.

  12. I most often work from home but I do love heading out to my local cafe or library for a change from time to time. Unfortunately my laptop needs a new battery as it dies after 15 minutes, even if fully charged. But if I can find a place to plug it in, I put my headphones on and I'm sorted for the day!


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