Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day 2602 - It's a deep fried update

What's been happening in your world lately?

Heading out to help Dad celebrate his birthday

So much has been happening but yet I still feel like not a lot is getting done.  You know the feeling.  All action action action, not a lot of results.

Right now I feel as though I'm on a rocking horse.  So much energy is being put into getting momentum and while you feel like you're moving the bloody thing still stays in the one spot.

Somehow I've got to find a way to get rid of the rockers and allow those legs to run.

Anyway, I suppose when I reflect on the last few weeks I can safely say we're getting there.

Here's a Deep Fried Update.

The Model Daughter

Last week was spent in Sydney as the model daughter did her thing all week for the Fashion Design Studio end of year shows.  While she was working I was sitting at a teeny tiny desk watching You Tube videos on how to use Adobe In Design (more about that later).

Fashion Design Studio 2016 Show

The Soccer Son

We recently had premier league trials for our boy's club and there was a disappointed tween when our lad didn't make it into the prem team for next year.  His disappointment has turned to expectation though has he looks ahead in the hope of playing in first division again.

The whole premier league trials process caused quite a stir in the club with communication break-downs reeking havoc for many families.  Us included.  There's been a lot of bitching and moaning. I'm not into bitching and moaning, so I did the only thing I could do.  I rang the President and volunteered my services to fix the system.  I'm meeting with him this week to go over the strategy.

We took our boy out of school last week for a few days to join us in Sydney.  Why? Well, he's done so well in school this year (in spite of his learning challenges) so I felt it was worth rewarding him.  Plus we're living the life and all that.

Wagging school and finding hidden gems in Sydney Harbour
(Darling Point)

Author Stuff

I'm well into Christmas promo mode working with bloggers to review the Cheer Chick Charlie books, collaborating with other businesses for cross promotions, chatting with authors about S4S and finalising Book 9 in the series to send to print early in the new year for a March release.

I'm excited to see how many stores Charlie is appearing in including a bunch of online shops for worldwide delivery.

My recent eBook, Flippin' Out: The Cat Burglar (Starring Stunt Boy Ben), is also starting to pop up around the world including the Barnes and Noble online store which is kind of special.

For author updates you can watch my Instagram Story which goes live every Monday around 3.00pm (and lasts for 24 hours) on @CheerChickCharlie.  (Note: Instagram Story is only available via Instagram on handheld devices).

Cheer Chick Charlie can be found in many online stores including The Book Depository for free worldwide delivery

Flippin' Out can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and from the Cheer Chick Charlie website

House Things:

You may recall I've started to spruce up my bathrooms.  While the hubster is happy to provide guidance, I really want to do the bulk of it myself (just to say I did) so I've been drilling a few holes in the bathroom tiles of late.  It's fun! But there is mess everywhere as I only manage to get one task done every few days.

So far I've been able to put in a new soap holder, toilet roll holder, towel rack, towel hook, new mirror and toilet seat.  I've still got to put up one of those magnifying mirrors (with expandable arm) and get the new vanity in.  I'll have a plumber do the taps for me.

My conundrum right now is how to pull out the old vanity and get that gummy sealer stuff off the walls.  Any hints?

Upcoming events:

We're hosting our usual Langdown Christmas Party in two weeks with around 80 people expected to attend.  So there's much house preparation in train. We still need to decorate, oil the back deck, fix up the garden and put up the Christmas lights.  Oh, and probably finish the bathrooms.

We're also hosting Christmas lunch this year for around 18 people so I guess I need to prepare for that too.

I'll be having a release party for my next book in the New Year which I'll need to think about.  Plus get the MIL's 80th birthday party sorted.  Oh ... and yeah ... I'm releasing a children's magazine. Did I mention that? That's not freaking me out in the slightest.

So without further ado I'm off to start playing around with In Design to see if I actually learned anything last week.

What have you been up to?

Anyone renovated a bathroom recently?

How about In Design - any gurus out there?  

Before you go, here's a picture of a pug in pyjamas.  Because everyone needs some canine cuteness in their day.

Esmeralda May in her Christmas tee from KMart.
Could she be any cuter?


  1. Oh Leanne, I missed your week in Sydney, I'm sorry! It was the final week of a course I'm teaching at work that gets pretty full on (the trainees need to pass or they don't have a job!) and time got away from me!
    I'm amazed- all those books and a magazine in the works too? Wow!

  2. We have a barefoot ball in the backyard which I need to find time to organise. Still not entirely sure where the decorations and xmas lights are since the move...ahhh (PS LOVE the photo of the handiwork in the the bathroom! Go you!)

  3. You busy lady!
    A Sydney break sounds fun. All the best with everything.

  4. Oh my goodness - how cute is your pug? And there is so much talent in your gorgeous family - they must be so proud of you and you of them.

  5. You never seem to stop.. but i love it. I love that you are writing beautiful books and getting them published. It's like I know someone famous.

  6. I definitely needed that puggy cuteness - so thank you! You have been busy! I feel like I need a lie down after reading all that. I'm very impressed with your drill skills and how fabulous you look while DIY-ing. I think you could totally give Shayna a run for her money! Exciting times at Casa Langdown, enjoy!

  7. Oh so much good stuff happening! I'm halfway through CCC #8 and loving it. Good on you re the bathroom. I bought my very first power tool - a sander - about a month ago. I've sanded down an external side wall of our house and painted it. Also sanded and re-stained our garden bench seat. It's a good feeling! I look forward to more home reno update posts ��

  8. So much going on. Congrats on all the stockists for your books. All your parties sound fabulous

  9. Feeling much the same at the moment, like I am trending water, but only just! Such a busy time of the year, but a busyness that I actually enjoy. x

  10. Wow you sure have a lot going on! As long as you are enjoying it, that's the main thing. And yes, your little pug is super cute :-)

  11. I have no drilling skills but I'd like to know the basics of home maintenance. And wow, I would freaking flip if I saw my own books on the Book Depository :)

  12. Wowzas! What an awesome set of achievements and busy times you've got coming up- well done! Love that rocking horse analogy, I'm most definitely there :)

  13. Wow, you have a lot happening in your life. I've had a busy couple of months too and its only going to get busier with Christmas on our doorstep. I hope you can get all your bathroom work done. You look good on the tools. :)

  14. Nothing like variety in your life and you have it in spades! Your work, play and all that jazz seems to keep you one very happy person. Onward! Denyse xx

  15. Leanne, I'm exhausted just reading this. You're a superstar managing all that you've got on. That Sydney trip sounds fab. Nothing wrong with a little wagging. Good luck with the Xmas party prep. #teamIBOT

  16. Oh my gosh, so much happening in your world Leanne. You're so busy AND taking extra on with the bathroom etc. Well done on that front by the way... And with the books - you're a dynamo - and I'm really glad it's all going well.

    And I loved your approach re the soccer thing - far better to launch in and help out than moan. (Sadly I tend to do the latter!)

  17. Wow you certainly have a lot going on and good on you for getting the power drill out on your bathroom tiles, I'd be terrified and almost certainly destroy something.

  18. Dude, I am impressed with your bathroom skills! I can't believe with how much you've got going on you manage to blog at the same time! I can spend all day at home and still barely manage to get the girls in to bed by 8pm so I can then sit down to work, hats off to you!


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