Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 2606 - When stepping up is the only thing left to do

I think I may have just volunteered for a new role. 

Confession: My husband isn't very happy with me.

Why?  Because in my current state of complete overload, I've put up my hand for another role.

If the truth be known, the idea of taking on another "job" is freaking me out too, but the thing is, I know I have the solution to a problem so I feel as though stepping up is the only thing left to do.

Without going into too much detail a sports club we're involved in has had some challenges lately with some communication breakdowns which has impacted negatively on many families.  Ourselves included.

The club is quite big with around 2000 families and the growth has happened quicker than the systems that support it.

I've been tearing my hair out of late with the miscommunication and the resulting emotional roller coaster ride.  The reason I'm frustrated is because the answer seems so gosh darn simple.  So why on earth are these mistakes continually happening?

As you can imagine, as with any club involving kids and their parents, there's a lot of chatter and opinions on the side-lines.

I'm not much into opinions to be honest.  Sitting around complaining about it and shouting about what should be done isn't much use to anyone if you're not actually going to put up your hand and say "let me fix this".

So anyway, I sat down and created a mud map of the communication strategy and athlete development reporting I think will get the club out of its mess.  Then I phoned the President, we had a coffee and next week I attend the Executive meeting to chat about it all.

It's quite possible I've just volunteered for a new role.

My husband has every right to be unhappy given I'm already stressed to the eyeballs with my current project overload.

But as I said to him, this is the person you married.  Nothing has changed.  Some people are talkers and some people are doers.

Just as our marriage vows said: "I do".

The world is changed by our example not by our opinion.

Are you on overload?

Do you volunteer for things you don't have time for?

Anyone else's husband mad at them right now? 


  1. Busy people always find time to do more. This is how they get so much done. And you too will get it all done. The world is made by the people involved putting their hand up to help.

  2. Ouch. I see your point though, if you've got the answer and it's causing you stress, why not help out and fix it? Best of luck with the project!

  3. I am with your husband on this one. Sorry. I also understand the 'why' from you. are the most important person in your if it is to be then that is what it is.

  4. I agree with your sentiment about opinions. When I was a boss, my favorite mantra was come to me with solutions not problems!!
    That being said, sometimes the only solution is getting involved! So good for you Leanne! Who needs a clean house anyways??

  5. I think if there's a problem and you can solve it, that's not overload, that's being proactive! Good for you!

  6. Yes I completely do the same thing, take on things before I know it. I hope it all goes well. I have a feeling that we only take on what we can handle even if we curse taking it on at the time.

  7. Leanne , l am a real thinker and I have been involved with many things over the years including sporting clubs . If you can make a difference to help out your son's club go for it .My husbands famous words to me have been why should you do it, well if l didn't no one else would put their hand up . l love a challenge too!! Good Luck x

  8. It's hard when you know you can help, to not put your hand up. Better than whinging about it anyways.

  9. The world needs more people like you, Leanne. (Sorry, Leanne's hubby!!!)

  10. I am totally on overload right now at work, and it's playing havoc, but there is so much to do and to do right. I will have to scale it back soon, but sometimes it's just easiest to show people what you mean and then get them on board helping out when they get it. Good luck x thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

  11. I often try to take on more than I'm able. Glad the Christina break is around the corner. Thanks for linking to #pocolo


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