Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 2607 - Do your Christmas Decorations mean something to you?

I've decided to go "rustic".

Paper from IKEA and decorations from KMART

I made a decision this year that rather than go all glitter and bling this Christmas, I wanted to tone it back to an age when gifts were wrapped in brown paper.

I spotted the paper at IKEA and when I got home I realised if I was truly going to do this, I needed to do a decorations stock-take.

Our decorations have been building for around 18 years.  Back in the day I was all about embracing the red, green and gold of Christmas.  So every year has been that theme with the same decorations hauled out each year to capture the spirit.

As fashions come and go I haven't signed on to the purples and blues and pinks because it just doesn't feel like Christmas to me.  Much like eating prawns or cold cuts for Christmas lunch, the switch to "non Christmas" colour schemes is not something I'm ready for. I need the traditional British style baked meal no matter how hot it is outside and I need the traditional colour scheme to match.

This year the need to tone down is part of me wanting to simply things.  To strip everything back and get rid of the "noise".

Glitter red, heritage green and sparkle gold is kind of loud.  Multi-coloured lights blinking on the tree screams "look at me, look at me".  I'd like a calmer and more subtle approach this year.

So brown paper, muted red and rustic tones is exactly what the spirit doctor ordered.

Paper and ribbon from IKEA

Yesterday I went out and bought a bunch of new baubles; wood look white stars, pine cones, wooden reindeer and warm white lights.

I scrounged the box of decorations and found the duller reds, the mat gold and the home made decorations created by the kids when they were little.

During the cleanse I found that there were just some decorations I couldn't part with.  The ones that have meaning beyond the Christmas tree.

The angel my daughter made at pre-school

The snow flake created when my son was in kindergarten

The Labrador given to us by my bestie in honour of our Max who is no longer with us

The American Santa to remind us that part of our heart belongs in Pennsylvania
The reminder that my kids are not the only children who are now permanently part of me

No matter what the current colour scheme, or state of mind, these decorations will not be parted with. They are part of our Christmas legacy and will always be on the tree.

Do your Christmas decorations mean something to you?

Are there decorations you just can't part with?

Do you have a colour theme for your tree?

Are you a Christmas traditionalist or are you more modern keeping up with current trends?


  1. I'm with you, cold cuts and seafood might be more appropriate for our weather here most years but I just don't feel like it's Christmas without a full roast and trimmings, even if it's 45 degrees outside. My tree theme can best be described as "random", with a mix of cheapie and quality decorations and now that my daughter is older, the handmade ones are starting to come in . . .

  2. Rustic is much quieter and calming, I think it's a good choice. We just go with the same decorations every year, which is the traditional red, green and gold tinsel etc. I really should update our collection and buy something different!

  3. Hubster decorated the tree this year and I think he used every bauble and bit of tinsel we own. As over the years we've had a red and green theme, turquoise and silver theme, and some purple thrown in for fun, you can only imagine what it looks like!!! Very festive!!!!!!

  4. I love your rustic approach. Right now our tree is all colour and sparkles, with tinsel and coloured lights. The kids more or less decorated it themselves (I did adjust the tinsel a little).

    We do have a few special school and kindy made decorations, and gifted ones from overseas.

  5. My girlfriend bought us each (in my family of 6) a bauble with our names on them. They meant a lot and I loved them. Last year, my littlest knocked over the tree and smashed all but 2. Devastating!

  6. I have been thinking the same thing this year as I decorate our tree. Next year I will be changing my theme and like you moving back to a simpler way of decorating. Of course, I won't part with some sentimental favourites such as the baubles I have for my grandchildren. Each year I buy a new one for my grandson so he can add to his own tree. He has three now and he knows they are from Nan. I'm loving the colour scheme of your paper and ribbons. Always good to mix it up a little. Sue from Sizzling Towards 60

  7. Our decorations are a sea of memories, made by 3 kids over a decade or so....I love them, they HATE them...ha!


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