Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 2610 - Just flicking through my camera roll ....

I thought we'd play a little game called "photos on my phone".

The last photo I posted to Instagram - my Christmas lunch table decorations sorted
It's Wordless Wednesday and as so often happens on Wednesdays I have no bloggy plans. I simply scroll through my phone to see what photos might be worth posting.

So I figured I'd just give you the last five photos I took.

Here goes ...

My son's haircut to show my bestie in the USA

The Ultimate Christmas Book Bundle for advertising in the Fan Club newsletter

Our front door to share with my bestie (she gave me the artificial Poinsettias many years ago and they're still looking good!)
Another pic for the bestie! Just to share the Christmas spirit.
A photo of the kitchen we're getting Miss Lola for Christmas.  Our KMart had run out so I had to message my trusty mum who got straight on the case and grabbed one from her local store.
The photos on my phone obviously say that I share a lot with my bestie, that my phone is a great marketing tool and that my mum still runs to my rescue. 

What were the last 5 photos you took on your phone?

What does your camera roll say about you?


  1. What a sick haircut! Am I showing my age by saying "sick"?

  2. Mine are for a post...Ha!Before that, at a rock climbing place...


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