Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 2612 - Sugar and menopause

I've been craving sugar a lot lately.

There are many reasons I might be craving the sweet stuff.  It could be a thyroid issue, yeast infection, adrenaline overload, menopause or PMT just to name a few.

Or I could just be addicted.

Adrenaline overload sounds feasible given I'm reasonably busy and probably running on adrenaline. Although perimenopause (the lead up to menopause) could also be an option given the sugar thing has been hanging around for about a year now and I'm coming to that age.

I was never much into sugar.  I was a savory girl all the way. But in recent years I've been hitting the cakes like every day's my birthday.

When I first started analysing my new found love for sugar, I decided that perhaps I'd just fallen into bad habits and have a sugar addiction as a result.

That's possible I suppose, but I'm pretty good at being strong when it comes to food issues.  I've recently done the whole bad sugar cleanse (I've kept natural stuff like fruit in my life), even pushing through the headaches and associated withdrawals, but my body is still  not satisfied.

So I've done some research into sugar and perimenopause.

Apparently as levels of oestrogen and progesterone drop, we become more prone to insulin resistance.  During these hormone changes our bodies try and fix things by raising levels of feel-good hormones like serotonin.  Sugar triggers the release of serotonin which is why we crave the sweet stuff.

Isn't that interesting?

The answer is actually NOT to give into these cravings and eat more sugar.

The answer is to try and trigger the release of serotonin in other ways.   

Suggestions might include:

I don't know about you, but all this post has managed to do is make me crave sugar even more!

I won't go and eat the sweet biscuits lurking in my cupboard though.  I'm off to eat my muesli and berries.

That's not to say I don't have an afternoon tea of cupcakes in my near future ...

How's your sugar intake?

Anyone got cravings right now?

Any serotonin boosting tips? 

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  1. Wow...what an eye opener, Leanne!
    It's so amazing how just a little change in our body chemistry can make such a difference!

  2. My husband is diabetic so we're all about the low GI sugars. Sadly I can't even tolerate things like sorbet now. A bite and all I can think is "yuck, too sweet".

  3. I am - and always have been - a sugar junkie. I know I need to cut back but ... Anyways, I read an interesting article about serotonin boosting foods recently:


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